Haiku for YOU!

Haiku for YOU!


oh the odd day when

karma runs over dogma

redress is too sweet

JSmith 6/27/2016



I’ll bring the Zen and

spend my day not thinking ’bout

sewage in a suit

JSmith 6/25/2016



the hubby of me

saves my life by riveting

the little heart holes

JSmith 6/24/2016



pooled our ignorance

and got it done

old not daft

JSmith 6/22/2016



summer solstice hits

crank up the whine-o-matic

sweat is water too

JSmith 6/20/2016



no earthly sense in

fear of flying

light me up

JSmith 6/13/2016


All published to my blog:  https://playingfortimeblog.com/​

Published by Judy Smith

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