So define human...

So define human...

Thinking about time on a rainy Sunday morning, and about how a lifetime really is just a flash. It's incredibly sobering and saddening to watch history repeat itself despite all knowledge, experience, and that firm nudge in our spirits to the contrary. 
I was ten years old when The Little Rock Nine ugliness took place, but my dad hadn't bought our first snowy black & white TV yet so it was a little while before I saw the images, probably in either LOOK or LIFE magazine. The sick feeling those twisted faces gave me at the time is still right there. Norman Rockwell's painting of the little girl in the pretty pink dress, with rotten produce splattered against the wall behind her, also contributed heavily to my loss of innocence in The Legendary 1950s American Heartland.
The second photo is current news - taken at a recent "Make America Great Again" gathering. So, sure, let's make it every bit as great as the idyllic 1950s were - obviously we still have the resident talent and they haven't lost their chops.
And then, why would the passing of a stellar human being who was all about love and justice not raise in each of us again the niggling question, "Who ARE we, anyway?"

Published by Judy Smith

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Jul 4, 2016, 12:56:36 PM

Humans have traditionally had a difficult time figuring out how to live together.

Jul 4, 2016, 12:45:22 PM

It is very sad. The world's getting worse each day. It's all about competition, seeing who's better, aesthetics and not at all about sharing, peace and love.

Jul 3, 2016, 2:54:46 PM

I see that my John Oliver fun-app that changes Don you-know-who's name to Drum with a pf on the end, kicked in here which is endlessly cute but confusing if you happened to install the same app. If the version you're seeing has the words *Donald* and that other one up there, sorry for the weirdness and can't quite get how that happened. It's supposed to say the name of our country followed by a word that means YUGE. Jeez, when you screw with technology it screws you and everybody else...

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