About a year ago I had a vision of where I want to be. I was working at Fujitsu back then and felt I had fulfilled what I wanted. It’s a great feeling to be able to say that I have done what I wanted and also that I felt I had succeeded. I worked at Fujitsu for 8 years, where I started out as an Service Desk agent, went on to become an Incident Coordinator, Team Manager and eventually Operations Manager that was responsible for International Service Desks in 3 different countries. I had the privilege of working and living in Poland for 6 months last year. It’s an period that I’ll remember always and also how proud I am of the people I got to meet and work with.

After coming back from Poland my work life started to settle down and I started focusing in more development things, but felt somehow bored. Perhaps it was the fact of doing everything you could for almost 2 years in a row –> And now everything was where it needed to be –> I had a hard time just enjoying the fruits of work. I remember my manager saying to me that, now it’s time to enjoy and focus in something more hands off.

It was in November 2015 when an idea popped in to my mind. I was now skilled in managing people and handling big projects, so I would like to be a CEO someday. Only challenge between that is that I didn’t know a thing about sales, which is quite essential for a CEO. At that time I hooked up with Atte, who is my manager now at mFabrik Oy. mFabrik had just opened up a new position for a sales person. I had never done B2B sales, but thought that I’m an open and social guy, hell I can do that. So I went to the tests and scored good results, did 2 interviews and got the job.

It’s been 8 months now that I’ve been the Chuck Norris of mFabrik and what a ride it has been. I’ve learned a lot and thankfully there is still a lot to learn. My approach for sales was that I don’t know what sales people usually do. I decided that my approach will be where I contact the people, handle the project and serve as the SPOC for all kind of communication. I’ve heard about sales person who disappear right after the contract has been signed and then someone else has to handle what has been agreed. So, I’d say my Chuck Norris approach is a mix of sales, project management, implementation and account. Can one person handle it all? Sure you can and what I’ve been hearing from customers is that they enjoy having a SPOC from the beginning to the end.


I spend majority of my free time around music. It might be composing new songs, promoting, creating new ideas etc. I’ve had numerous ideas of creating a company where I could be the CEO and leading the whole thing in my free time, but somehow all of the trials haven’t ended up in anything concrete. Until now. During this autumn I had a great idea, when I was drunk, where I made a business proposition to the owner of mFabrik Music LTD. My question was simple:”Would you like to make money with my free time?” After that sentence, I planned and thought about the composition of the company. I’m very proud to tell you all that I have now been named, as the CEO of mFabrik Music LTD.

This gives my free time a deeper meaning when everything I do for the music has a reason. It makes my music so much more concrete and tangible. I’m very thankful for myself of course for being able to listen to myself and taking the leap of faith. I have a great day job at mFabrik LTD + now I get to run my own musical ambitions through mFabrik Music LTD as the CEO.


Each year I set targets for myself and what I truly want. These “wants” are not stuff, so wanting a car is not something I set as a target. My wants are related to something I do or what I want to be. Don’t only dream of what you want and spend time to really think about what you want. I remember first time when I asked that:”What does Juha Petteri Niemi want.” I heard nothing.. A total blank head with no answer. First I was afraid that have I lost the ability to dream, but it wasn’t like that. The empty void that answered is the exact feeling you need to have. It tells you that you have a place that can be now filled.

Remember that you need to spend time with this question. It might take 3 months, 3 years or etc, but take your time. Ask that question from you! Do it in front of a mirror or send a letter for yourself, but challenge yourself to answer that question. Eventually you will find the answer and you will find it inside yourself. Start from something and gradually progress towards your goals. Nothing happens in a day or so, but keep doing it on daily basis and you’ll end up where you want. Remember to enjoy the trip there, as usually that’s the best part of it.


Chuck Norris & CEO, signing out🙂

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