Abuse of Power: A TV Series That Is So Relevant to the #MeToo Movement

Abuse of Power: A TV Series That Is So Relevant to the #MeToo Movement

Sep 7, 2018, 10:27:13 AM Viral

A hashtag #MeToo virally spread on social media had gripped nearly every person on the internet. #MeToo was spread in October of 2017 as a movement to globally spread the prevalence of sexual harassment, harassment and sexual violence which billions of women continue to face around the globe. It was brought up in the aftermath of Harvey Weinstein-fiasco, as a call-up to “voice” concerns regarding the abuse women have faced in their lives. Thereafter, millions of women took the leap, shared their stories and marked themselves in solidarity with millions like them using #MeToo. The whole idea became a social movement lauded by people around the world.

In recent times, our vigilance towards sexual violence, harassment, and abuse has grown to new heights. The popular culture is engaged in shedding light on the matter with a number of productions. Filmmakers and actors have used the particular dilemma as an idea where so many real-life stories are centered on. One such example is the recent TV series “Abuse of Power” that covered an episode on the case of Sgt. Luis Walker. The appalling case of the Air Force basic training instructor had the world on the edge. The entire case is a representation of unrelenting abuse women had to suffer through.

Luis Walker, played by Anthony Duluc, was convicted of raping a female recruit and sexually assaulting around nine of his ex-trainees in the Air Force. It was known that Sgt. Luis Walker was involved in sexually assaulting over 62 female trainees during his run. It was revealed in the case that Walker had indulged in sexual misconduct, forming illicit relationships with numerous women in basic training units. He was looked upon as a predator and witnesses would often describe him as manipulative, sadistic, someone who used power for personal gain and that being sexual favors. In the United States Air Force history, the case was deemed the largest sexual violence chapter. Walker was handed the second-longest prison sentence (20 years) after 29 trials in court. He committed suicide in 2014 while serving his sentence.

“Abuse of Power” draws a vibrant line on how power is a rampant aspect in causing sexual violence. Anthony Duluc has portrayed the character to its core, comprehending towards the nitty-gritty details about the suspect’s behavior the public never knew of. It is definitely a great milestone in the career of Duluc but more credit goes to his phenomenal performance in under covering the real aspects about the nature of abusers which he managed to pull off successfully. He says, “With the emergence of the #MeToo movement, the Sgt. Luis Walker case is now more relevant than ever before.”

The TV series explores the twisted acts of individuals in power positions, who often utilize their autonomy to construct wrong benefits, get indulged in heinous crimes, which always rooted from a sense of realization established by unyielding control.

The subject of abuse and harassment requires discussion and awareness among people at large. Talking about it is the first step towards a positive social change. Our approach towards silencing victims down have only backfired, which is why there’s an ever-increasing need to redirect our attention towards educating the masses by talking about it. Such media content only serves to educate people about the problem, conditions their mind towards this concept of abuse and power being wrong in our culture.

Published by Julia Morison

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