Good Reasons Why Cannabis Should Be Legal in the United States

Good Reasons Why Cannabis Should Be Legal in the United States

Oct 25, 2018, 8:37:41 AM Opinion

Cannabis has always been a part of mass controversies and its consumption is a taboo in many societies including the United States. Years before, cannabis was criminalized because it was labeled as an addictive drug causing harmful effects to humans. These claims were not based on actual facts delivered by extensive research by dedicated professionals, just the surface level observations and medical records of people who succumbed to a bad fate due to over-consumption.

However, the subject of cannabis was flipped again and modern research greatly contributed to revealing facts about it. To everyone’s surprise, modern research actually states that cannabis can be used for medical purpose due to its strong health effects. In the United States, it was first decriminalized in the state of Oregon. Aviv Hadar, an Israeli-American, who is renowned for being a cannabis legalization advocate. He played a huge role in the introduction of the cannabis policy in Oregon. He helped the passing of the Measure 91 – a 2014 ballot which passed cannabis to be legal in terms of recreational use, with regulation and taxation determined by the OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission).

The drug has still not been legalized in many states of America. There are social campaigns putting pressure on the administration in different states to take vital action towards this progressive cause. The hashtag #LegalizeIt has grown insanely popular, and people are increasingly looking for good reasons why cannabis should be legal now in the United States. Here are some reasons –

  • It’s safer than alcohol: The journal, Scientific Reports, claim that cannabis is safer than alcohol. In fact, it is the safest drug out there and is not close to being deadly as alcohol is. The authors of the report conducted research on different substances including ecstasy, tobacco, crystal meth, alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, and heroin.
  • Cannabis can kill cancer cells: The United States government actually has confirmed that cannabis can kill cancer cells. It was revealed by research conducted by NIDA (the National Institute on Drug Abuse). The federal government funded this research and it also revealed that cannabis can diminish some really adverse kinds of brain tumors in human beings.
  • It can relieve pain: Cannabis has proven to be pain-relieving and can be incorporated into treatments of different kinds of pains including arthritis.
  • It may cure cancer: David Hibbitt, who amassed immense popularity from his story was told that he only had one and a half years to live. But now he is happily married and living a normal life. David belongs who hails from Stoke-on-Trent in the United Kingdom used cannabis oil to treat his suffering which cost him 50 local pounds from a normal dealer. He was cured!
  • Legalization will create job opportunities: Cannabis legalization would create job opportunities in a way that more and more researchers and scientists would have opportunities to work on the possibilities with the drug. It would be legally circulated among consumers and so will set up trade outlets. On the other hand, businesses manufacturing products and by-products of cannabis would thrive and employ more people.

The campaigners would continue to pester their cause about the legalization of cannabis in different states until some action is taken in due course.

Published by Julia Morison

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