Health Benefits And Side Effects Of Vaping?

Health Benefits And Side Effects Of Vaping?

Mar 17, 2019, 9:20:57 PM Life and Styles

There was a time when people went crazy after tobacco cigarettes that are also known as regular cigarettes at the moment but guess what? Now, people are more advanced and modern which is why they are shifting from the regular cigarettes to the electronic ones. Electronic cigarettes are devices that come in almost every shape, size and brand. These devices work on e-liquids that are the basic product required for vaping and for creating the smoke and the flavour.

Now, honestly, if you search on the internet about the health benefits of vaping, you probably won’t find much on it. In fact, you will end up getting confused because people have different things to say about vaping. Some consider it a healthier option than the regular cigarettes and then there are people who agree with the fact that yes, vaping is comparatively better and healthier.

Health Benefits Of Vaping

A new vape study however suggests that vaping is healthier and there is a proper explanation to it. You see, let’s get this straight, no matter what everyone says, it is a fact that tobacco cigarettes are dangerous because they’ve got tar and nicotine etc in them which in no case is a healthy option. Now, when we talk about vaping, well, it’s different and it solely depends on the e-juice you buy. The e-juice used in e-cigarettes is basically a base with flavour in it. Yes, there are e-juices that come with some content of nicotine inside them but it’s all on you and what you buy. If you buy an e-juice without nicotine in it then yes, it’s going to be healthier for you and safer too.

People out there who find it hard to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes are shifting to e-cigarettes at a rapid pace and well, it’s justified because vaping helps a lot in quitting smoking. The reason behind this concept is that in both the cases, you are technically inhaling and exhaling smoke. The only difference lies in what you are smoking and when we talk about vaping, we told you earlier that it’s the e-juice, the base in it and the flavour that creates the smoke.

We won’t call it a health benefit for real but yes, if you are struggling with your smoking habits and if you are in a dire need to quit cigarettes then you definitely need to give vaping a try. Just make sure to buy a quality e-cigarette and a quality e-juice that’s suitable for your taste buds because your very first vaping experience matters a lot. It decides whether or not vaping will come in handy to you in the quitting cigarettes process.

Side Effects Of Vaping

We know a lot of you out there were waiting for us to tell you the side effects of vaping. Well, honestly, vaping comes with little to no side effects. It’s just burning of the coil and as far as research is concerned, the burning process leads to know chronic diseases or deaths etc. It’s just a base and some flavour that you are smoking. But yes, if you buy the e-juice that comes with nicotine in it then we all know the consequences.

Overall Verdict

Vaping isn’t recommended if you aren’t a cigarette smoker because eventually the smoke isn’t good for you and the environment and you shouldn’t opt for vaping just to make a style statement or follow the trend. However, again, if you want some assistance in quitting smoking then yes, vaping is definitely recommended.

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