How Orthodontists Can Solve All Your Dental Problems

How Orthodontists Can Solve All Your Dental Problems

Apr 1, 2019, 4:31:11 PM Life and Styles

Ideally, our teeth and jaw would bite down in a specific way that will optimize their oral function and keep your dental health in good condition. But as we all know, their placement are never or rarely naturally perfect. Dental problems may be common but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t make us feel bad about ourselves.

Do you feel envious of someone because they have that smile that you also want for yourself? Is your dental problem keeping you from flashing your smile? Do you feel insecure because of that crooked teeth or malformed jaw? Worse, does it affect your food experience and give you headaches, facial muscle pain or throat pain?

You wouldn’t want to wait  in the case of the latter, you need to seek immediate care because of its health implications. However, the lack of confidence that these problems bring is also very important to remedy.

Do not just spend your days feeling sorry for yourself, the answer to your problems are now within your reach. Brisbane Orthodontics is the best way for you to achieve that smile that is worth showing to everyone! Whether you are an adult, a teen, or want to solve your kid’s dental woes, consulting an Orthodontist will surely help you with your dental needs.

What is orthodontics and how can it help you?

Nowadays, looking for an orthodontist within your area is so much easier than before. Orthodontists are special type of dentist that practices orthodontics. Orthodontics corrects misaligned teeth and jaw to give clients a better smile, and solve the medical implications it presents. Improperly placed teeth, such as when they are too crowded in or crooked are harder to clean, may be lost too early because of tooth decay and may end up causing bad breath which can be considered as a social suicide these days.

The most common dental problems that orthodontists focus on are malocclusions or generically known as bad bite such as in the case of having an overbite, underbite, crossbite or open bite. They also correct spaced teeth, protruding teeth, crowded teeth and misaligned midline.

The thing is, you will never know what treatments you need unless you consult one. Orthodontist offers individualized plans that will fit your needs and also consider your timelines or situations. Within your first visits, you will undergo procedures that will help them diagnose your dental problems. This include getting your dental and medical history, clinical exams, making models of your teeth, and x-rays or photographs of your mouth.

Once they have a good picture of your condition, they will provide you with different treatment options. There are lots of treatments to choose from. The two main options you have are getting the removable or fixed appliances. Your orthodontist might also need to perform surgery or remove some teeth before putting these appliances.

How can braces can help you?

Braces are fixed appliances orthodontist do to correct the placement of teeth, and slowly move misaligned jaw over time. Braces are adjusted monthly to tighten the arch wires that will put pressure on the teeth and move them to their correct position. This treatment takes time - the shortest will be a few months to a few years. It also requires constant follow up with your orthodontist and for you to practice good dental hygiene. However, the results are healthier teeth and gums which will also last for a long time. Luckily, getting braces is much affordable now than before! They also come in different colors, and are thinner and smaller now giving adults and kids better options.

Your orthodontist will be your partner in solving your dental problems. But mainly, you have a bigger responsibility to keep your oral health in good condition. Your smile is your own responsibility. Remember, orthodontic treatments are not expensive, neglect is. Do not wait up for your condition to get worse, visit the nearest clinic now!

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