Main Things Bloggers Are Doing Wrong

Main Things Bloggers Are Doing Wrong

Aug 22, 2017, 12:05:26 AM Business

The thing about humans is that we cannot wait for too long for something. We are impatient about the outcomes, we want to see instant results for the efforts we are putting, and when we don’t get what we are expecting, we get disappointed. Bloggers are, too, expecting the results (traffic, subscribers, engagement, shares, conversions, and most importantly ROI, but at times they are not getting the expected results.

Discussed here are some of the widely committed actions that are affecting your blog negatively. They are…

1.     Boring tone.

Writing is an extensive term; it has many extensions like academic writing, business writing, technical writing, and creative writing. You cannot write a coursework and a blog in the way. Blogger needs to have a somewhat informal, conversational, humanly tone that resonates with your audience, which is completely opposite in the case of technical or academic writing where you need to be too formal. Bloggers should have the tone that binds the readers to keep on reading the whole post with keen attention. It is very important for your readers to feel more engaged and encouraged when reading your content. And when you are writing for human, there is no point in having a robotic writing style.

2.     Uninteresting or general topics

Do you click on the blogs with general titles such as “how to start SEO”, “why online presence matters”, why a website is good for you?” It is hard to get your blog the right attention using these topics. These topics are too broad and you cannot get targeted audience with them. They will cover a lot of details that will reduce your reader’s interest.

On the other hand, topics that are more specific and cover limited, but interesting details will draw more traffic and response from the more targeted audience, which includes people who are actually interested in following the action you want them to. Try to use specific titles, something like:

  1. How to best use QR codes for small business marketing?
  2. What can make you excel at Tennis and how can you qualify for Wimbledon?
  3. What are the best hotels to keep your trip on abudget?

3.     You are already preoccupied.

Piling up the tasks would never make you productive when you have too many objectives to focus on. Many bloggers want to try different things and they should do so, but not at the same time. If you split your efforts, strength, and resources into a number of things all simultaneously will distract you from concentrate on a single thing.

Select 2 to 3 goals depending on your strength and capacity. Select the actions and plan a complete roadmap towards each of your goals. Focus on the actions influencing your objectives directly. Be clear about your goals and don’t let distractions sidetrack you from achieving them. 

4.     Fewer data to support speculated claims.

When making arguments and claims, try to research for powerful stats and reports. Endorsing your statements with data and research will make convincing people and lure them to act in a certain way. Data-driven content catches reader's attention that is hard with the shallow arguments. Besides using data, you can also conclude all the information delivered in your blog with a takeaway for your readers.

To wrap up….

Engaging blogs are not all about having a sizzling, persuasive writing style as it’s more about being natural.

When writing your next blog, try to be natural. Don’t work too hard on vocabulary, you are not writing to impress your English teacher neither you are an assignment help provider. Your reader base comprises of your user, the normal people who are just interested in reading simple, interesting stuff.

Published by Julia Morison

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