I can for Your will

I can for Your will

Working in the hospital can be an extremely humbling experience. Every time I step foot on my unit I thank God that I'm on the end of the circumstance that I'm on (being the one helping instead of the one in need of help). Today I helped a man who just had spinal and abdominal surgery walk. He did a great Job but it pained him to walk for more than five minutes. FIVE MINUTESheesh seeing that made me thankful that God has given me the ability to walk, talk, hear, and see. All of my five senses are in tact and work phenomenally. 

Today I just want to say thank you Lord for giving me not just a clean bill of health, but strength abundantly, strength that others are not fortunate enough to have. Thank you Lord, but not for my sake, for yours! Through the strength which you've given me I am able to touch other peoples lives and bring glory to your kingdom. Thank you for the ability and opportunity to do these things for you. Thank you for letting me help. All that I have I offer back to you that your will be done in me. In Jesus' name Amen.

Published by Julian Chambers

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