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What do you believe in, and is it real to you? The majority of people who answer this question state what they believe and then say “of course it’s real to me”. Which leads to my next question; what do you think about what other people believe? I expect the response to this question to be more controversial. Your response to this question actually determines the legitimacy of your response to the first question.


Most belief systems teach that they worship the one true God or gods, and every other belief is pure fiction. Many religions also believe in an afterlife and depending on how you live; you either go to some sort of heaven or hell. With such heavy ramifications why is it that most people today, while practicing one religion, find “beauty” in another religion? How could you find beauty in something that condemns someone?

If you examine our society today you’ll find the concept of believing in God or gods has been dumbed down to nothing more than something that people practice to give them hope instead of being something that people practice because it’s REAL.

A common phrase I often hear is, “I don’t care what you believe, as long as you aren’t hurting anyone, I’m fine with it.” If this statement comes from an atheist, then sure it makes sense because they believe there is no life beyond this one. When it comes from the mouth of a believer, it illustrates a lack of assurance in what you believe and/or a lack of concern. If you truly believed that your faith is the one true faith, then you wouldn’t just be okay with people believing in whatever.

Most people adopt this idea because it is “politically correct”, or because they want to come off as loving and accepting. Is it politically correct? Sure, but being politically correct isn’t the same thing as being correct. Otherwise the phrase wouldn’t have the word “politically” at the head of it. The emphasis this society puts on being politically correct is nothing more than an act of deception. It is a view that focuses on not offending anyone. But the truth is offensive and convicting. So practicing the act of being politically correct is practicing withholding the truth.

The concept certainly isn’t loving. Society today has love misconstrued. They think the sincerest form of love is to embrace someone the way they are, but that’s not love that’s neglect. When you truly love someone you love them enough not to leave them the way they are. If your mother was a drug addict would you say to her “hey what you do is beautiful, here’s more drugs because you’re perfect the way you are.”? No, you would try to help her because you can physically see the damage it inflicts on her. Your faith should be so palpable to you that seeing others worship other gods triggers that same reaction from you.

A lot of people I know are more worried about not offending anyone with their beliefs than they are with saving lives. If we knew that a major event was going to happen tomorrow that would wipe out the masses unless they knew the truth, we would waste no time trying to spread the word. The reality we live in is far worse than this scenario and yet people remain stagnant.

I am positive there is a God and most people will assert that very same view. I’ve been told that my perspective on this matter is radical, but that’s only because it’s just so REAL to me! Because of this I would HATE to see someone believe in something else because that to me means they are believing in a false God and a false religion that leads them straight to hell.

Before we can save lives people have to realize what’s at stake and that God is real. Once we do that we can focus on which faith is the correct faith. I believe that the God of the Holy Bible is the one true God, and with every post, I hope to help someone see the truth behind Christianity and what we believe.

What do you believe in? Leave a comment below telling me what it is and why you believe it.

Published by Julian Chambers

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