Breaking The Meth Effect In Global Suburbia

Breaking The Meth Effect In Global Suburbia

Dec 12, 2016, 7:14:57 PM Opinion

They may not be the Mr Big's of the drug world, but their illicit operations cause havoc in neighbourhoods of cities around the world, where they ply their trade. Police call them suburban level drug dealers and residents of these neighbourhoods can describe the tell tale signs of cars coming and going and people wandering up and down the streets day and night.

You will always witness people in the streets of suburbia off their heads on drugs, screaming at cars driving past claims an alarmed resident.

A crackdown on suburban drug dealers across Australia recently in the City Of Perth since April has resulted in 470 people being charged with more than 1,200 offences including the arrests of about 120 alleged methamphetamine dealers. About 4.5 kg of methamphetamine, $850, 000 and 35 firearms have been seized and about $500,000 dollars worth of stolen property recovered.

Police have also made several reports to the Department For Child Protection, about children living at the homes of alleged drug dealers and reported to the Department Of Housing about other cases. The results of these operations were because of a combined task force involving local officers joining forces with specialist police meth teams. Working together to focus on dealers who cause immense harm on their neighbourhoods. Some of these people may not be dealing large quantities of drugs, but they do have a significant impact on their neighbourhoods.


Published by Julian Groom

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