Intelligence Commando Rescue Unit 015 - Indonesia

Intelligence Commando Rescue Unit 015 - Indonesia

Mar 7, 2017, 7:54:51 PM News

Intelligence Commando Rescue is an outfit which was established in Java, Indonesia during 2015. It is a special team which helps solves problems for business or offers solutions for International Embassy's in Indonesia. It is available for contract.

In recent times the Intelligence, Commando, Rescue 015 unit was successful in bringing criminals to justice that were involved in extortion and corruption directed at small business operators in the tourism industry in Java, Indonesia. The ICR 015 special team followed the criminal gang after initial intelligence reports confirming that the gang were trying to escape Java and conduct new activities in Sulawesi. ICR hunted and captured the extortion criminals in the hostile jungle zone of Sulawesi and brought them to face justice.

Word on the street is that they are about to launch a new recruitment program in Indonesia with a new sponsor.

We look forward to hearing about more positive results from the ICR 015 team in the future. In an ever changing world, security for business is a top priority by taking ownership of a problem and doing something about it, to strike first and without warning.


Published by Julian Groom

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