The 10,000 Hours Rule !

The 10,000 Hours Rule !

When your practising something, do you ever consider what's the point.

Try looking at how you practise and importantly, why. Consider the popular 10,000 Hours Rule made famous by the book Outliers - By M. Gladwell - 2009. It's not a set rule, but the idea is that to truly master a skill or subject, it takes around 10,000 hours of deliberate practice. Deliberate practice is when you spend 1 - 3 dedicated hours everyday improving on your skills.

Now 10,000 hours might seem like forever, but consider the bigger picture - if you commit to something that inspires you before high school, then by your late 20's this passion could be your successful career. Imagine spending your life getting paid for doing what you love ... that's definitely worth the effort.

But remember, it has to be something you have a passion or talent for, eg music, sports, art, maths, karate, carpentry - and with each daily session focus on getting that little bit better than you were the day before. You will also need regular feedback from a teacher, or coach, so you can continually correct yourself and stay on target.

It's like the saying goes, whatever you do, always give 100% ... unless of course, your're donating blood.

Published by Julian Groom

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