The World We Live In

The World We Live In

Mar 9, 2017, 3:18:23 PM News

My Trending Stories blogger Julian Groom was in Jakarta, Indonesia last week and was alerted by the fact that as the Iraq and Syria conflict starts to slowly wind down in some regions of the Middle East a large number of Indonesian Islamic State supporters are starting to arrive in Indonesia and return home via domestic airports in Indonesia.

Indonesia is also considered one of the worlds largest suppliers of Islamic State - IS Fighters. According to information from the National Counter Terrorism Agency - BNPT released earlier this year more than 500 Indonesian's have joined the war in Syria and Iraq. While it is estimated that more than 100 have travelled back to Indonesia, after having fought alongside the Militant Organisation - IS.

Quite possibly is that we are now getting ready for the next phase of a Holy War which could possibly start in Java, Indonesia and spread throughout South East Asia or new tension maybe felt in regions of the Philippine's in the future.

This in effect would result in a massive outflow of people trying to flee a regional war by boat in Indonesia and would place countries like Australia, Singapore and Malaysia under huge pressure to support humanitarian efforts to support displaced people.

Indonesia with a population over 250 million people and is one of the largest and most diverse multi cultural archipelago society in the world.

Another perspective to these events is that China could also raise it's muscle in The South China Sea and have political fallout towards Indonesia and Australia. Or North Korea could continue to be a threat. I do believe that greater US troop rotation is now required for Darwin in Australia during these unstable times.

Published by Julian Groom

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