How to choose the best shoes for standing all day?

In toady's modern society, many jobs require their employees to be on their feet throughout the day. Standing for long hours can be so tiring and energy consuming. Your feet carry the whole body weight and as a result, you get extremely tired. It gets even worse for workers who carry heavy objects. Because of the unrelenting strain directed to them, your feet really suffers after a continuous standing period without rest.

For this reason, the type of shoe that is worn during these tough periods can even worsen the problem, leading to pressure and strain which result to pain and discomfort. Also, a bad shoe limits movement and increases energy consumption. For this reasons and many others, here are the best tips on how to choose the best shoes when you need to stand all day:

The Shoe Heel: Quite mistakenly, most of the working class believe that shoes which are completely flat provide the best comfort. On the contrary, the ones with heels do better. Studies carried out proofs that optimal support is derived from shoes which have a measurement of the minimum, a quarter inch. However, heels that are very long can be very harmful, especially when it comes to posture. It is therefore recommended to get a heel below 2 inches in height.

The toe Space: One of the most common negative effects of standing all day is the swelling of the feet. This always results from the accumulation of lymphatic fluids at the bottom of the body caused by gravity. As such, it is always important to choose a pair of shoes with a lot of space for the comfort of your toes. This prevents swelling of your feet and makes you comfortable throughout the day. This is specially important if you suffer from broken toe.

The Arc Support: For you to get a good comfort, your pair of shoes needs to have an appropriate arch support. This varies from one individual to the other, based on the persons physical attributes. The type of activity also carried out determines the type of arches. That is why it is important to consider the arch support.

The Shoe Lining: For obvious reasons, everyone knows that the feet tend to sweat a lot, specifically during the long hours that involve continuous physical activity. Because of this reason, the material type used to line the inside of the shoe is key. It should be soft as well as lightweight but not flimsy. The type of shoe should also offer an easy way to wipe off the sweat. This is key as accumulated sweat causes fungus complications, bad odors and even bad infections at large.

The Shoe Weight: For known reasons, heavy shoes always add an extra weight to your feet. This often results in soreness and tension in the feet. For this, most manufacturers prefer to make comfortable shoes for standing that are lightweight and durable.

Comfortable sole and Padding: For anyone working for long hours, you definitely know that a comfortable sole and adequate padding makes the big difference. A good sole promotes a good natural posture for both walking and standing up. This reduces stains and pain all day. Most manufactures use Air vesicles to reduce pressure and increase comfort.


In summary, there is no doubt that having a nice pair of shoes gives the best comfort. As a worker, you need the best shoes with a good comfort for better performance. A good shoe brings extra comfort, pleasure as well as uncountable health benefits. This is important for you as a worker. With all the listed tips above, you will be able to go for the right type of shoe and in turn enjoy your working periods.

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