Nature in Riverside

Nature in Riverside

Back in Denmark I spend a lot of time walking long walks with Precious.
I love nature, and even though Riverside is a huge city (for a small town girl as me)
there is a lot of amazing hiking trails in the area.
Precious, Abraham and I have checked a lot of them out, and the views are simply amazing! When I first moved here Precious and I walked a lot everyday, unfortunately summer has started, and i am not a fan!
I spend most of every day wondering how people can live here and still enjoy summer.
I come from a country where we are happy if it is 77 F. doing summer, and we can't really do anything else than lie on the beach if it is over 85 F.
Here the temperature has been over 110 F. and I am dying, not even to talk about Precious!
So i am afraid the our daily walks has become shorter, and we are waiting for some colder weather so we again can enjoy the beautiful nature southern California has to offer.
I am also waiting for a weekend with no plans so we can bring Precious to one of the famous lakes, that i have heard so much about. Precious loves water, and I used to bring her to beaches, lakes and small rivers back in Denmark, so she could swim and get cooled down doing summer. It is always a lot of fun seeing her enjoy her swims.
So far all it has been to is a water fight in the park and a small dip in a kiddypool.

There is this amazing hill area right by our apartments. Before summer started, this was my favorite place to walk precious, I found the perfect trail to walk and we got the most amazing view over Riverside. The trail was a little under 4 miles, which was perfect for me and Precious morning walk.
Unfortunately this is also a place with where there lives a lot of wild animals, and as a Dane i am not used to snakes! So after the one time i walked there, where a rattlesnake tried to bite both me and Precious, I am actually okay with the heat preventing me from going there for a while.
I normally love animals, and all kinds of animals, but that snake defiantly scared me!

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