The Family at home

The Family at home

One of the first things people ask me is, how is it to leave your family and now live so far away from them.
And honestly, it is so hard! I miss them everyday.
I am really close to my father, after my mom died in 2009 we came closer to each other. I started sharing everything with him. After i moved out we talked a few time a week over the phone, and i spend weekends with him almost once a month.
He became the person I could talk with every time i was sad, angry or excited.
Moving far away was of cause so hard, but we talk over Skype at least once a week, and for hours. He is the one person whom i know always pick up or call me back. Of cause the time different on 9 hours, makes it harder to find the time, but we sure try!
I don’t talk that much to the rest of my family. My sister and her children are pretty busy, and before i wake up in the mornings, the girls are of to bed.
It makes me sad to think about how much i miss out on with my two nieces. They are now 6 and 4, and their birthdays are this week. I hate missing out on that! And they are growing for each time we Skype. My sister grew up with her mother, not so far from my childhood home. We were together every other weekend, and I also spend a lot of time with her mother. She became an extra mom, and especially after my mom died, I spend a lot of time with her. When i moved away from home, we started living in the same complex. We still talk on the phone once in a while, and she made a Facebook page, just for our family so they could keep me updated with what was going on in Denmark, and in their lives.
My brother and I weren’t ever that close, I love him and i miss him, but I think we only talked two times since I moved here. He is busy and always have a lot going on. But he is also gonna be the first family member so come visit me here! He is coming in under a month (just in time for my birthday!) with a friend, and are for the first time gonna travel a little around the U.S.
I am very exited to see him again, and to show him around. Hopefully we  have a new home at that time, and I can show him around Orange County!
He is only gonna stay with us for a week, then he is gonna go to San Francisco and Las Vegas. I am kind of jealous, i have lived here for five month, and i still haven’t seen San Francisco, at least not more than the airport, a park and an In & Out.
Any way it is gonna be great to see him again! Any ideas for what we just have to do when he gets here?
Anyway. The last person i really miss, is my grandma. We used to talk a few times a month on the phone, and I would visit her at least once a month.
She is such a happy woman, and i love spending time with her. I think she is the biggest reason why i wanna go to Denmark as soon as possible. She doesn’t really understand technic and stuff, but luckily we have a good family, that have helped her so she could call me on Skype. We have talked a few times, and it is always great to hear from her.
Thank god for Skype!
I miss my family all the time. I wish we were closer together, or that it was cheaper to travel back and forth, so we could see each other some more.
They have been super supportive about everything, and they still help me out whenever i need it.

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