The family here

The family here

So now that I have left my family at home in Denmark,
I luckily have gotten a whole new family here in California.
My husband is Mexican, and it is so fun to explore all the cultural differences we have.
My husband has one sister who lives 30 minutes away from us here. She has a great little  family with her husband and their two boys.
The boys are around the same age as my nieces in Denmark, really nice and polite boys.
I have a been babysitting for them a few times, and we are having a lot of fun together.
My sister in law is really nice, and have been really good at making me feel home here.
Her and her husband has been helping us out every time they could. Abrahams parents lives 20 minutes away from us, and even though they only speak a little english, they have taking me in and made me feel like a part of the family from day one.
I feel really lucky to have gotten a whole new family here, who have been so helpful and nice to me.

Published by Julie Røjsmose


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