Benefits of embedding the Instagram Widget on the website

Benefits of embedding the Instagram Widget on the website

Apr 2, 2021, 12:44:09 PM Tech and Science

Instagram has eventually emerged as one of the highly used social media platforms. Instagram lets its users instantly click a picture, edit it according to their preferences and post it that very instant on their profile. 

When you log in to your Instagram account, the content you see is known as the Instagram feed. 

Instagram is ever-evolving. With features like filters, IGTV (Instagram TV), stories, and reels being the latest addition to Instagram, marketers are fully making use of this platform for growing their business. 

One of the efficient and effective marketing tactics while using Instagram is to embed Instagram Widget on the website

Brands, businesses are widely adopting this marketing strategy, even individuals, to increase their clientele, user engagement, visibility, and awareness. 

By now, you must be wondering Why? 

In this blog, we shall be telling you about the significance and advantages of Embedding Instagram Widget on your Website. 

So, Let's get started! 

Top Benefits Of Embedding Instagram Widget On Website

#1 Gives Your Website An Attractive Look

The website is a representation of what your brand stands for and speaks volumes about your brand. Giving an impactful first impression is mandatory. A few social media aggregator tools provide the option to moderate and customize the widget as per your preference. 

Using such tools and embedding your Instagram widget on your website will enhance your website's look and eventually increase the total duration of your audience on your website. 

#2 Increased Brand Visibility & Reach

Embedding Instagram Widget on the Website can tremendously increase your brand's visibility. When a user visits your website and gets interested or attracted to your embedded Instagram feed, there is a high possibility that they might start following your Instagram account. It will increase your Brand visibility & reach automatically. 

#3 Build A Social Proof With UGC

You can successfully build a social proof of your brand by embedding Instagram Widget on your website. Using a social media aggregator tool from a UGC platform, you can collect and curate content created by your users, be it in the form of images, videos, gifs, or reviews. Embedding User Generated Content increases the credibility of your brand. 

This way, the users visiting your website see you as a genuine brand and can trust your brand. 

#4 More Sales & Conversions   

Since embedding Instagram feed on the website increases user engagement, it eventually drives in more conversions and sales for your brand. 

Once your brand reaches increased brand awareness and reach, the customers will ultimately end up trying the product or taking up a service leading to a growth in sales and conversions. 

#5 Increases User Time On Website

Once the visitor feels connected to your brand, they feel the need to explore your website even more. 

The users may get curious about the products and services you offer and may take their time to go through the specifications and the descriptions hence increasing their stay time on your website. 

#6 Make It Memorable For Your Customers

There are millions of websites on the internet. Just take a moment to think how many websites must be similar to your industry. The internet is full of your competitors. To make people visit your website, you must do something that stands out and is visually appealing.

Instagram is one of the most vibrant social media platforms, and embedding your Instagram Widget on websites will change the way people see your brand. 

Audiences will connect much better with your brand and hence come back to your website when they do not find a similar element on another website. 

#7 No Need To Create Extra Content

Whenever you create a website, the main focus is always on creating content and making the website live as soon as possible. Just Embed Instagram feed on websites, and you are done! 

By embedding an Instagram feed, you save your time to think over and curate content for an entire webpage. You can easily make the webpage look attractive otherwise and attract your customers at the same time! Now, isn't that amazing? 

Final Thoughts

And here we are at the end of the blog. These were the major benefits of embedding your Instagram feed on your website. 

If you are a brand or a business, you would want to increase your brand awareness, visibility, brand value, user engagement, and eventually conversions and sales. 

Simply Embed your Instagram feed on your website and watch your grow business grow like never before. 

With millions of daily active users, Instagram is the most loved social media platform amongst users. The vibrancy of Instagram is indeed extremely attractive for users. Why not take advantage of Instagram? 

Using an efficient social media aggregation platform, you can easily collect feed from Instagram and embed it. There are a few platforms that provide you the option to customize your feed as per your preference. 

Don't just wait! Get going and embed your Instagram feed on your website now!

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Written by Julie Wiley

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