Hello, it's me !

Hello guys ! How are you ?

For my first post I would like to give you a presentation of myself in order for you to know me better. So, my name is Juliette, I'm 19 and I'm French.

The reason why I speak english fluently is because I'm at college and I do english studies so I'm almost bilingual and I speak a little Spanish too ! In the future, I would like to be an journalist or a reporter because I love traveling and I love writing articles about subjects that I'm into. I could write about animals and animals shelters, or about peace in the world or even about bullying because I was being bullied when I was 14 years old and today I want to be an ear to people that are going through this.

I'm also a blogger and I love fashion and makeup! julietteposhy.wordpress.com 

I love watching youtube videos and my favorite social media is Instagram ( ☆ my Insta is @julietteposhy ☆).

I'm also a big fan of music and I love Selena Gomez, she is truly my inspiration and I love how kind she is and how she cares about her fans. I follow her since 2010 and I'm still here to support her work! I don't have any genre of music because I listen a little of everything and what is on the radio lol.

I would love to travel to Los Angeles, New York, Australia, New Zealand and to Greece but I think every parts of the world are worth it. 

My goal for the future is to live an healthy life and to work very hard to achieve some of my dreams!


Hope you will enjoy reading my posts.


Take care. 




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