Importance of Solving Previous Years Question Papers

Importance of Solving Previous Years Question Papers

Apr 29, 2021, 10:29:17 AM Business

The importance of previous year question papers cannot be neglected. In the competitive exams, it becomes a major part of preparation. A proper study is important to score good in the competitive exams. The problem of many students is that how to make best use of these question papers. One can understand the level and standard of the questions from them that can further help us in preparing for the exams.

Past Year Question papers are very important everybody knows the same, but no one tries to even attempt to do the Previous Year Question papers.  Whenever our seniors and teachers tell us to solve the Previous Year Question papers we don’t take them seriously.

I think the reason for this is because of the questions we are asked to do in the previous year question papers are scattered and when it comes to solving them we get confused and hence whenever we see a previous year question paper we close our eyes and start thinking about something else.

Why Previous Year Question papers?

The most trusted and authentic source of practice for any examinations is previous year question papers. Candidates can get a clear idea of the pattern of the examination and are more likely to succeed in the exam with the help of past year question papers. Go through your exams in their actual pattern by practicing previous papers, sample papers, previous question paper with answers and notes. Through our website candidates can download these important papers collectively for FREE.

The best reliable source of practice

Solve previous year question papers that were given in the bank exam. These particular question papers have been designed by our experts team to ensure that you become familiar with the pattern of questions in the competitive exams so that you develop a unique approach to tackle them. Solving Previous year question papers also helps you in revision. It is always advisable to solve these question papers when you are done with your preparations. You can evaluate your own performance and work on your shortcomings. Many of the questions-molded or rephrased- repeatedly asked in the exams. Just try to read the questions carefully in your exam and you will see

This blog is a comprehensive compilation of solved and unsolved questions from previous years in Jamia Millia Islamia entrance exam. Here are 100 questions in total, all compiled in chronological order of year they appeared.


Jamia Papres provides these JMI Entrance Previous Year's Question Papers only for the benefit of students, to evaluate their performance in the respective subjects. This is meant as a guide to evaluate the level of preparation of students. Care has been taken to ensure that no question from these papers reappears in the online test series. However, if some questions do appear, they will be deducted if applied.

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