Nov 1, 2016, 7:47:40 PM Life and Styles

The time has finally come,  I just found out I'm  going to be the cutest four-eyes ever!!!  While those profesh eye exams are totes important, the struggle of wearing ~ glasses ~ might make one cringe.

Hold on closet cools☝...don't  fret. As I write this, a massive movement of freshly geeked, former cools is sweeping the nation! They are the new rage. Being bespectacled is not that of a big deal, right. In fact it makes one feel funky and artsy - smart , cool and sophisticated. But that's all in the attitude!

What most of you don't know is that I'm sort of blind!!!  Ok, not technically 😉but, seriously I do need glasses. Considering how much time I spend squinting, I blame the ever- increasing computer and smartphone-induced strain on my eyes. Turns out not only sanity can be eroded but my vision too.

So I guess its pretty cool confirmation of my  *bookworms wear glasses* trope. So if  I don't wear glasses now, I literally cannot see enough to drive, read or even watch television.

As soon as I started trying on frames I realised glasses suited me, fitting both the shape of my face and my self-identified style as a bookworm. And, when I finally picked them out, I brought the ultimate test with me, my brother, Yashlyn. Genetically programmed to make fun of me, whenever possible.(such a fan of banter) He's the ultimate litmus test for how I look.

So, I have a new pair of glasses. And in my weak, non- conscious moments I didn't explode. My face didn't ignite or disintegrate. So a glasses girl I shall be!!!

Using glasses holds a lot of power in modern (media-led) society. It's not just an antiquated stereotype. Historically,  glasses are always associated with being bookish. Some people still have a knee-jerk reaction to think people with glasses are smarter than the Average Joe.

Undeniably in terms of looks, wearing glasses has never bothered me much. For someone who does not wear tons of jewellery and prefers more subdued accessories, I'm so glad that glasses have become much more stylish! Don't you.

Of course, the whole benefit of them correcting my vision is pretty awesome.  Judging from the plethora of eye-catching eyewear thats being getting facetime. Wearing glasses can be construed as something positive. Its actually a fashion statement. Not that I'm complaining.😎

While looking nerdish is vogue right now. Lets just enjoy the popularity of the four-eyed geekiness while it lasts.👓




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