Love Fucken Hurts

 Love, some say its better to been in it then to never have had it, to all those people I say f$#ck it.

Here's how many of these jack and rose relationships end and its worst when there's children involved

Say that the day was great, everything was great or really wrong when you first gazed into each others eyes . Sure at first it seems great and the love is in the air, you miss each other when your apart. You look at each other while they sleep and treasure every moment.

You think of one another and do all the small things to show and learn from each other. The time goes on because you cant help but to make love every time your together and especially once you been apart.

Then the stages of the relationships begin to surpass and basically its survival of the fittest. I'm referring to the  couples that did not or are not making it , idk if its the same old tricks the woman can be tired of the mans limited resources or ambition or the man just wants a different hole he can punch into.

maybe its neither it varies but what i do know is that right when your in that stage the "what the hell am i doing here " stage thats when your heart aches the most .

you begin to think of all you have been through together and some are afraid to let go , they think well I'm tied to this person financially or the apartment or even worse kids.

its alot harder to look at the beautiful kids because they remind you of the great love you once had that being said its no reason to take it out on them, its unacceptable.

Theres always a extreme partner that lets out too much even though you wanna tell them how much you love them and that nothing's worth fighting about as long as your together they usually let their ignorance get the best of them and at the end of the day thats what wins.

There's always something we can do better, do extra little things for the one you love ,don't give in the the divorce statistics , love is a bitch but you know what hurts even more.......... being alone .

I didn't meet my dad for 21 years because of this scenario and every time my mother looked at my charming ,charismatic, handsome devil face she was hurt because i looked like my father and that led to fights and disagreements between me and her.She wouldn't see me when she argued she would see my fathers.

 But when i look into my daughters eyes I feel like shes looks into my soul her beautiful smile wants to bring me down to tears and even though at times i feel like because the mother and i didn't work out i still feel every single feeling i ever did about the mother and i probably always will.

so yes ladies and gentlemen it hurts alot , its always a running thought in my head,every time i see her i still don't know how to act but i know she feels the same way the problem here is ego and ignorance and if we never get passed those things we will lose everything and everyone for good.

instead of driving the warm family car with your new beautiful family you'll be riding your motorcycle down the cold streets away from the only place you've called a home.

being the lone wolf sucks......thank god for drugs and hookers.jk






Published by Junior Emilio Pensado

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