Today I received a direct message from one of my followers on Instagram (since we’re on the topic, follow me, jusmyah, thanks, you're awesome☺) and attached to the message was a link to a webinar that I attended this morning. When I tell you this webinar was on point and it was my encouragement  for this particular blog post, my plan was to go an entirely different route today, things change and I rather go with the wind instead of away from it, if you get my drift.

Anyway, the webinar discussed how well you can grow and prosper if you HUSTLE hard!! Go for what you want, put in the time and effort to make your goals a reality.

Quick story, I know this lady who started what I believe to be a successful business from the ground up. And I know a lot of people say things like that all the time but let’s face it they probably don’t actually know them, they may have heard of them and their story or read about them, but don’t know them personally. Well I actually know this woman personally. When she started her business it wasn’t meant to be a business just something she wanted to do for herself and a way to save money. I watched her put the time in, night and day, 6 days a week. She read books, listened to podcasts, did her research (effort) and mastered her craft. Yeah, she had her ups and downs, trials and errors, but she HUSTLED to achieve her goal and in that process she realized, oh dang this could be beneficial and I could really start something here. And that's what it takes, she didn't sit on her ass she did something about it and she's still improving herself and business, learning new things to be able to mark off her goals daily and be productive (check out my 'Productivity' blog  at😉) in meeting every single one of her own expectations.

So, I wrote this just to say hustle, if you haven't already realized that by now LOL! Work for the things you want out of life and I guarantee you'll love the outcome from your own hard work so much more! Listen, not only do I write these blogs but I read them as well and I apply them to my life because I wanna hustle to reap great benefits, I wanna be productive so all my hustling don't go to waste. I have goals and ambitions just like you, the only thing that can separate us is if YOU are not doing anything about your goals!!

Have a great day people.

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