Is A Partial Denture Better Than A Full Denture?

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Is A Partial Denture Better Than A Full Denture?

Aug 28, 2020, 11:58:24 AM Life and Styles

If you are looking for complete information about full and partial dentures treatment in Kolkata, you are here at the right place, as you will get all information in the following post.

When one has lost all of his teeth, be it from the whole mouth, complete edentulous or some teeth, it creates a problem to speak correctly. Also, all this together negatively affects psychologically. In this case, the denture is one of the best ways to replace missing teeth.

What Is A Denture?

A dental crown in Kolkata or denture is a prosthetic device that is designed to replace missing teeth. It is supported by the surrounding hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity.

Dentures can be full or partial:


For Whom Is A Complete Denture Recommended?

A full denture or full artificial teeth set in Kolkata is suitable if the upper or lower jaw or no longer have their teeth. Full dentures achieve an excellent aesthetic result and ensure that sunken lips and cheeks are supported again. After a period of acclimatization, chewing and speaking is no problem again.

Advantages Of A Full Denture:

If the prosthesis is optimally adapted to the jaw, it is very comfortable to wear. The initially existing feeling of a foreign body disappears quickly with regular wearing. A full denture achieves excellent results in both aesthetic and functional (chewing, speaking) aspects.

The Course of Treatment and Duration:

After the preliminary discussion and consultation, in which the decision is made for a full denture, the first impressions of the upper and lower jaw are taken. The impressions are cast in plaster in the laboratory.

Based on these first impressions, the plastic impression tray that is especially suitable for the patient is made, with which the precision impression can be made. The most accurate possible impressions are made with high-quality impression material, which guarantees that the prosthesis will fit perfectly later.

The Lifespan of a Full Denture:

How long prosthesis lasts depends on the patient's care and possible comorbidities. With regular and proper care, the shelf life is extended. Degradation of the jawbone or changes in body weight can worsen the fit of the prosthesis.


For Whom Is A Partial Denture Recommended?

A partial denture is useful if there are still teeth of your own in the jaw, but their number is no longer sufficient for a bridge to close the gap. Which type of partial denture is the best must be considered individually for each patient.

Advantages of A Partial Denture:

A partial denture is very inexpensive, depending on your budget, for example, as a standard model cast prosthesis. A one-piece casting is also very stable, easy to clean, and easy to repair. Also, partial dentures can easily be expanded if further tooth loss occurs.

The Course of Treatment And Duration:

First, the jaw is molded, and plaster models are made.

Regardless of whether the prosthesis is made for the upper or lower jaw, both jaws are always included in the prosthesis planning.

If a combined denture is to be produced, the patient's teeth must be prepared accordingly. How much time this takes depends on the scope of the measures.

A partial plastic denture to be used as a temporary solution can be adapted to the patient within a short period, so that an immediate solution exists, but not a permanent solution.

The Lifespan of a Partial Denture:

A period of 15 years is given as the average value for the durability of prosthesis. Depending on the model, care, and accompanying illnesses of the patient, the shelf life can be shortened or lengthened.

Model cast prostheses often have a shorter shelf life. In contrast, attachment model cast prostheses, telescopic crowns, partial prostheses with latches, bar prostheses, and model cast prostheses with snap anchors often last longer.

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The Bottom Line:

If we compare overall features between partial and full dentures, the complete denture is the cheapest option. Also, the material and laboratory costs are relatively low, and the fee for the dentist is settled according to the standards so that it cannot be arbitrarily high.

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