5 Futuristic Smart Home Devices that are Available Now

5 Futuristic Smart Home Devices that are Available Now

Jan 16, 2019, 9:27:03 PM Life and Styles

Are you searching for information that will help you build a smart home? If yes, this article will help choose futuristic smart home devices that will help you achieve your dream. A smart home device refers to any device or appliance that uses artificial intelligence or connectivity to perform its function.

Upgrading your home can be as simple as putting a speaker in your bedroom or as hard as connecting several network devices. The amount of money used to buy these smart devices will depend on your budget and personalize it to suit your comfort needs.

But finding the right smart home devices can be an uphill task because there are thousands of such devices in the market today. It is also important to check whether the smart devices you want to buy will be compatible with other gadgets available in your home. This article will provide information about 5 futuristic smart home devices that are available now in the market.

Amazon Echo 2 Smart Speaker

Out of the many smart speakers available in the market, Amazon echo 2 has topped the list as the best second generation speaker. One stunning feature of this speaker is that it uses Amazon Alexis as its preferred assistant. It comes in six different colors that you can choose from, and it has a compact size which is more attractive than that of the first generation speaker.

Vinama Smart Parenting Device

The upcoming generation will be more digitized than the current one; parents need to catch up. Vinama will help you to control and monitor your kid’s online activities while preventing them from accessing adult content.

Nest Learning Thermostat

As the name suggests, this thermostat can learn and develop a schedule depending on your heating behaviors; it is one of the versatile equipment that you can find in the market. It accomplishes this by mimicking and studying your manual actions on its few days of use. Once created, it will adjust itself every time you do manual tweaks to the schedule.

Unfortunately, you don’t obtain personal radiator control or zone options with this thermostat. However, there are smart valves that you can use to ensure that it acts as a temperature controller.

Neato Botvac D6 Connected Vacuum Cleaner

This is a vacuum cleaner that cleans your home without breaking your bank. It comes with a long battery life to make sure that your house is cleaned in one session. The big brush makes it ideal for removing pet hair and is light enough to carry around your house. It is the best robot vacuum cleaners you can find in the market today.

Husqvarna Automower 450X

If you want to keep your lawn in good shape, then you need to check on this smart home lawn mower. It comes with a lofty price tag, but the advantages you will enjoy justify this high price. The mower can comfortably handle hilly gardens without tiring quickly. But you still require a boundary wire to help you navigate around your garden. This article has provided information about futuristic smart home devices that are available now in the market that readers wanted to know.

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