5 Natural Tips to Cope with Anxiety

5 Natural Tips to Cope with Anxiety

Nov 2, 2018, 1:35:28 PM Life and Styles

Anxiety is a sad and harsh reality of most people’s lives these days. There is always so much to be done and so little time that many people give in to their stress and lose themselves in this rat race of our world.

You need to realize that dealing with your anxiety is more important than any other task at hand. If you do something nervously, it is much more likely to go wrong than something you do confidently. So don’t go about finishing all your tasks in a hurry just because you want them over with. Give yourself some time and learn to cope with your anxiety before you move on with your life.

There are hundreds of ways to get over your anxiety. Therapy is probably the best possible way but not every anxious person is in need of therapy. Some people can heal themselves with a little help from nature and some vigilance.

Here are some of our best tips to cope with anxiety:

Natural Supplements

Hundreds of thousands of natural supplements lie in nature that is just waiting to help you out. We will be discussing the most common ones:

  • Cannabis and Strains of Marijuana: We all probably know a person whose answer to all stress related problems is marijuana. Marijuana has become extremely common for many ailments, including stress and anxiety. In many places, you need a doctor’s prescription to gain access to it, but many other places do let you use recreational marijuana in a limit.

When you are planning to buy cannabis concentrates for anxiety and depression, you need to make sure that the level of THC in the strain is relatively low. Strains with high levels of THC make you high and getting high can aggravate your anxiety further.

  • Chamomile: Chamomile flowers are some of the best natural supplements for anxiety relieves. You can find them concentrated in tea bags or you can find them as an essential oil.

When you make a tea out of chamomile flowers and drink it, all the stress in your body simply melts away as you breathe. Chamomile tea also puts you in a deep, undisturbed sleep which can work wonders for your anxiety.

  • Lavender Essential Oil: Lavender essential oil comes from lavender flowers. You can mix it in with massage oil and ask your masseuse to use it all over your body. Lavender essential oil can also be used in a diffuser so that you can experience its tantalizing scent soothing your mind and body.
  • Chocolate: Everyone’s favorite anxiety relieving supplement is chocolate. There has been ample research showing how eating chocolate can tone down the stress and anxiety you feel, and it can calm you down significantly.


Exercise is also an amazing way to relieve anxiety and stress from your mind and body. Exercise can make your days go by more productively. Regular workout sessions can also increase the metabolic rate in your body which further helps you to spend your day more productively than you do now.

Exercise can also prove to be an excellent distraction for people who cannot get the fear out of their minds.


Another excellent way to cope with your anxiety is by meditating. There is a myriad of benefits that you can get from meditating. Firstly, you can visualize yourself in a scenario that calms you down and relaxes you. You can also visualize a scene of your success which will help motivate you to do better.

Meditation can also make you more aware of your present self, and you can also become a lot more organized when you meditate regularly. Meditation also relieves physical symptoms of anxiety such as increased blood pressure.

Getting Enough Sleep

It is imperative that you get enough sleep when you are in a state of anxiety, or you will fall into a vicious cycle of deteriorating mental health. When you are anxious, you don’t sleep well, and when you wake up tired and sleepy the next day, you end up getting more stressed, and the stress only increases as the day goes by.

It will also help you to note that your sleep should be undisturbed. Try to make it so that you don’t wake up every few hours into the night. You can take supplements such as chamomile tea to help you sleep through the night with ease. Even regular exercise helps you to sleep well at night.

Scheduling Your Day

People under a lot of anxiety often do not have it in themselves to spend their days with planning. Their fears and worries take up most of the day by making them procrastinate.

So try to plan out your day just enough so that it is easy to follow. Always leave some breathing room for you in your plans of the day.

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Katherine Elvis, a mother of a one-year-old kid named, Jim. She is a clinical psychologist, and her passion is to learn the medical studies and social sciences, that’s why she has a lot of interest in writing and blogging on medical, general, and social areas of the human personalities. She regularly writes blogs at https:/cannabisy.ca/.

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