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Vomiting and Diarrhea is often referred to as ‘stomach flu’. The queasy feeling occurs when you are terribly nervous. But, just another step further is when you are engulfed with an unpleasant sensation. A person can experience the condition due to the intake of antibiotics, food poisoning, stress, or after drinking many pegs of alcohol. On the other hand, a woman who is pregnant can also face nausea. But, everything can easily be controlled with a proper diet and some food items.

Best Diet for nausea

>> Always remember BRAT whenever you throw up. This is nothing but an acronym for Bananas, Rice, Apples, and Toast. Here’s how every foodstuff helps to overcome the sensation. If you are hearing BRAT for the first time then you should check this guide on BRAT diet. It will help you to make yourself more aware about this BRAT stuff.


If you experience water loss (dehydration0 soon after nausea, then it’s better to peel and eat a banana. Such a fruit helps in restoring the level of potassium which may have been drained down due to vomiting and diarrhea. Apart from being a rich source of starch, bananas can work towards reducing diarrhea. It comes under the category of bland foods which should be consumed before going back to solid foods once again.


Rice is known for its nutritional value when you’re in a bad state with diarrhea. It serves as a binding food which makes stools a bit more solid than earlier. As compared to refined grains, rice doesn’t contain fiber and so it’s easier to digest. Besides, rice serves the role as it offers carbohydrates so that you are in a better position to reclaim energy.


Apple is one of the best fruits to relieve you from nausea. When you consume a few small chunks, the digestive system flushes down nausea-inducing chemicals. Moreover, it slows down the intestinal transit and thereby eases digestion. Just make sure you set limits in consuming an apple during the day. In case it’s troublesome to digest solid food, then apple juice or applesauce is the best alternative.


It’s always better to settle down with toast which is rich in starch. As the gastric acid is absorbed, the foodstuff keeps your stomach full and exasperate nausea. According to doctors, it’s advisable to eat slowly rather than chewing and swallowing down pieces quickly. To avoid nausea in the morning, you can always try some biscuits before dozing off to sleep.

>> For the first six hours, avoiding chewing foods. Follow the tip soon after vomiting is stopped completely. Either enjoy a candy or let ice cubes melt inside your water. Sips of water from time to time is still better to stay hydrated. You can always avoid headaches which occur soon after nausea. Just make sure you drink water after regular intervals.

>> Later, as your stomach rests, you could start off by sipping clear liquids every ten minutes. Apart from water, you can try flat soda, green tea, bouillon or apple juice. If the symptoms persist, then repeat the process again and avoid consuming stuff for at least an hour.

>> On the next day / day two, start introducing bland foods like bananas, crackers, jelly, and toast. Eat only those items you like, that satisfies your hunger, and packs your stomach. 

>> Finally, when day three dawns, start following a regular diet. Just take care that you don’t add fibrous foods. Instead, you can enjoy eating protein-rich items. These include soft cooked eggs, cooked vegetables, chicken, stewed fruits or turkey. In case you want to drink something much before lunch or dinner, then a glass of juice is sufficient.

Modifications in the diet

>> Low fat foods in small quantities are ideal for nausea. These are not only easier to digest but move to the stomach at a fast pace. If you’re on small portions, then it’s better to eat something else that can offer you calories and proteins.

>> If you have been throwing up constantly, then switch to salty foods. Avoid eating delicious sweets or food that contain a high level of sugar.

>> If you think you would be upsetting the stomach, then be specific with what you eat. Don’t force yourself to eat items which you have never loved eating. Stick to your preferences and wave off the rest.

>> It’s highly recommended to enjoy cool beverages. It could be a clear soup, popsicles, or ice cubes flavored with cold drinks. As a word of caution, sip the drink slowly with the help of a straw. This would avoid you from swallowing air that can finally cause gas.

>> Avoid being close to greasy foods. The smell might tickle your nose but there is every possibility for getting the unpleasant feeling again. In case you want to stuff your tummy, then go for dairy products, fruits and sandwiches.

Other foods you can always include


Powdered ginger helps in fighting back vomiting and nausea. While you can eat gingersnap cookies, a hot ginger tea can really help. The food item can aid in overcoming symptoms for pregnant women. Since ginger is listed in the category of low-fat foods, these are extremely beneficial for an upset stomach.


Nuts can help you compensate protein loss that worsens nausea. Not only would these help you to keep the sensation away but replenish the energy that was lost. But, if you are still struggling with nausea, then plan a meal with protein as well as starch rich foods. But, make sure to consume items that are sufficient. Later, due to slow digestion, there’s every possibility of aggravating nausea.

Sport Drinks

Due to the presence of potassium and sodium, sport drinks help you restore the level of depleted nutrients. Apart from boosting hydration, you can bring back the electrolyte level that was slashed down owing to vomiting. While you might not be geared for sports, sport drinks aid you to feel better with energy boosts.

If you still feel uneasy after a day, then you need to visit the doctor. Do take action if you feel weak, dizzy and finding it had to control abdominal pain.

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