How Office Spaces Have Transformed Throughout the Century

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How Office Spaces Have Transformed Throughout the Century

Jan 31, 2019, 3:10:47 PM Business

Following the industrial revolution came a time where people had to manage the hussle and bussle of the factory, as an outcome came the office space. Offices have changed drastically over the century. The introduction of the computer revolutionized the office layout. Cubicles became the trend of every modern office. The corner office was always for higher management. We are sometimes not aware that we create toxic workplace office environments because of the way that architects and designers create the office space.

Studies have recently shown that natural sunlight increases the productivity of a workforce exponentially. Increased productivity means increased profits. As a result, large corporation like google and many other have revolutionized the typical office space into interactive and comfortable spaces to maximize productivity in a positive way. Google’s corporate office in Tokyo is a wonderful example of this.

It is important to bring leisure into the workplace. The sad truth more most people is that they spend most of their day at work. Introducing leisure activities such as a pool table or table tennis can make working fun, stimulate the mind and help create connections among coworkers.

Corporations must also consider the comfort of the individual and respect that not everyone wants to sit in an office chair (no matter how comfortable the office chair is). Companies should implement a variety of working environments to cater to the uniqueness of the upcoming generations. For instance, some people work better standing verse sitting. Some people might want to lay on bean bag chairs, others may want to work outside or in an empty room without distractions.

The idea of work is something that everyone will have to face at some point in their lives whether you like it or not. The most important thing that a company can do for its employees is to make work not a stressful environment and it starts with simple office space design strategies.

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