How to Hire the Perfect Car Repairing Expert?

How to Hire the Perfect Car Repairing Expert?

Dec 13, 2018, 2:43:45 PM Life and Styles

Hiring a car repairing expert is quite the tricky job these days. Despite all your good intentions to find the best mechanic possible, you might not always be successful. Since car designs are becoming more and more complex day by day, an amateur mechanic may do serious damage to your car and you will end up shelling more money than you thought you would have saved by bringing an amateur mechanic in the first place.

Here are a few tips which can help you to hire a good car repairing expert: -

  • Ask for a recommendation from your group of friends or family. Since your friends and family had first-hand experience of the service provided by their car repairing expert, they can give you valuable advice about whether their mechanic is up for the task or not. You can therefore maybe get your friend/family to talk to their mechanic and give you a discounted price.
  • You can also try finding out who provides service to the business class vehicles in your area. Since, vehicles like taxis, delivery vans, government vehicles have to operate on roads for longer durations than your average vehicle, they must be taken to a good car repairing expert for repairs or maintenance work.
  • Check whether the mechanic is open to questions or not. You don’t want to hire a mechanic just to realize later on that they are not up to the mark. So, it's better to go and ask about your doubts and queries at the beginning itself.
  • Check their expertise. Tell them about your car and the problem it is facing. Try to know whether they are familiar with your car model and whether they have solved problems of a similar nature in the past. Also, check whether they are bringing their own toolkit or not.
  • Ask them if they have contacts with other vendors.  They will probably be able to get the required parts at a much lower rate than if you yourself went to buy the same parts. They may also be able to bring those parts much sooner. Also, it is better than the mechanic buys it since if they are mistaken about the required parts, you don’t need to be stuck with something you don’t need.
  • Also, you should verify the credentials and qualifications of your mechanic. The most reputed car repairing experts are ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) technicians. ASE technicians often have to pass lengthy competency tests which cover multiple vehicle repairs. Also, there are certain advanced certification courses in special types of repairs. So, if you need a certain kind of specialty repair, make sure your mechanic has done that course.
  • Check for the availability of the car repairing expert. Ask the mechanic to come over to your place at a time convenient to you. You may sometimes need your car at a particular time, say over the weekend. So, the mechanic must accommodate according to your schedule.
  • The mechanic must be trustworthy and should also charge reasonably. Also, they should quote rates that are transparent and are affordable for you. They should not quote a higher price after they have started repair work on your vehicle.
  • They should have three kinds of insurance as well: -
    • General Liability. If your car is damaged during the repair work or if you get hurt while in their shop, then this insurance will pay for such damages.
    • Policy by the business owner. The repair shop should have its own insurance policy.
    • Compensation to workers. The workers must be compensated in case of any accidents.

Only after you have gone through all the above-mentioned points can you hire a proper mechanic for your car. Hence, always be careful, or else you may incur needless losses. It is always suggested to go for a more experienced mechanic, even though it might cost you a bit more.

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