Things To Remember After Getting A New Tattoo

Things To Remember After Getting A New Tattoo

Jan 31, 2018, 10:32:29 PM Life and Styles

So, your fantasy of getting the perfect tattoo is completed. However, always remember your task is not completed here. There is a lot more to do after getting the tattoo. There are many traditional tattoos expert who can design the best traditional and intricate tattoos by keeping the customer taste, the right color, shape and occasion in their mind.

So Here Is the List of Things Suggested by The Traditional Tattoos Expert You Need to Remember After Getting the Tattoo:

  1. Keep your bandage at least for a day or 24 hours as it helps in keeping the bacteria away from it. It is important to remember that these air-borne bacteria can harm the fresh ink.
  2. After removing the bandage, the very first things you have take care of is keeping the tattoo clean. Traditional tattoos experts say that for cleaning one should always use gentle liquid soap with anti-bacterial characteristics along with lukewarm water.
  3. Vitamin A and D is important. So, after cleaning it properly and drying it, apply the ointment containing both of these vitamins. Apply a generous amount as it will speed up the healing process and will also keep the infections and other bacteria at bay.

Traditional Tattoos Artist does Not Advise You to Avoid Showers:

  1. If anybody told you to avoid shower, then don’t pay any head to it. Because keeping the tattoo clean is important and to do that you need to have a shower obviously. Although try to avoid bath tubs or water soaking for a while. Plus, also avoid direct contact of shampoo and normal soap on the tattoo area.
  2. During the healing process the tattoo as well as skin surrounding the same tends to dry. So, it will be better if you apply moisturizer on the same. One can apply the moisturizer 4-5 times a day to keep the skin moisturized. Do remember you have to avoid Neosporin as it causes allergies to a lot of people. If you are not in a mood to buy special moisturizer then any lotion without pigment is good to go.
  3. Sun Exposure of the tattoo is quite a harmful act. Hence this one thing which you have to keep on checks all the time. Sun heat along with UV rays can do the real damage to the tattoo as well as the skin. Either wear clothes covering the whole tattoo area or apply sun block with 30 or more SPF.
  4. The work of any traditional tattoo artists does not extend to taking care of your infection or healing sessions. When they etch the tattoo, they use a particular chemical, which if exposed to sunbath sessions, or in any seaside environment, can lead to skin eruptions, tanning and infection of skin.
  5. Avoid wearing clothes which makes you perspire or are too tight. Try to wear a little bit loose outfits so that they don’t rub on the concerned place of the tattoo.
  6. During the healing process the skin may peel or scab. It will also get a little itchy but remember never scratch the area or try to remove the scab by yourself. Apply lotion or warm moist compresses to let the skin peel naturally by itself.
  7. Always follow the advice given by the tattoo artist. These traditional tattoos expert know their work and are good in it as well. It is not their first rodeo, they are seasoned and experienced.

If you follow the basic healing patterns as suggested by the traditional tattoos expert, then the case of healing takes less time. Also, if you have any query, you can revisit the tattoo expert after a certain time and take occasional session to get the tattoo re-done or even removed. 

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