Why Install Durable Roller Blinds?

Why Install Durable Roller Blinds?

Feb 23, 2018, 7:18:33 PM Life and Styles

Roller blinds are a covering used on windows. They are used instead of curtains as they look trendier and are easier to maintain. Roller blinds are made of a single piece of material and as a result, do not have slats. Usually mounted on metal headrails, these blinds are controlled either by a “side chain” or a “spring mechanism”. Less expensive roller blinds are mounted on “PVC poles”.

Nowadays, due to a combination of reasons, durable roller blinds are being used more often. Some of the key reasons are mentioned below:

  1. Aesthetic Appeal
    Due to their numerous colors, patterns, and designs, durable roller blinds are frequently used in residential and non-residential areas. They look modern, stylish, chic and elegant. The combination of colors, patterns, and designs is determined by the purpose of the room and the immediate surroundings. Here, the color of the walls, the placement of the room, amount of light, and privacy constitute other requirements that are also taken into consideration. For example, if your living room need translucent blinds in a simple floral pattern, in pastel shades, and printed on a white background. In such a case, these roller blinds.  would look pleasing, give a relaxing feel to the room and allow enough sunlight to come in a while maintaining privacy.
  2. Different Operating Mechanisms
    Convenient operating mechanisms are another feature of durable roller blinds.
    • The most common one is the chain operation system, where the blinds are adjusted by pulling the chain.
    • Another mechanism allows for the blinds to be moved, by simply pulling and pushing the lower bar. This makes it very child-friendly.
    • The most convenient mechanism, however, is the motorized system. This option allows you to maneuver and adjust blinds through a remote control. Such blinds are especially convenient for places that are difficult to reach such as skylights. They are also suitable for large expansive windows or glass panels, which require multiple blinds to cover them. They are good for bedrooms as well, as they offer the combined advantages of convenience, comfort, and style.
    • An alternative system for maneuvering large blinds and those on out-of-reach windows is the crank mechanism, which is operated manually.
  3. Different Fabric Options
    This is an important consideration for durable roller blinds. It is determined by the purpose of the room. For a clinic, for example, antibacterial fabrics should be used. In kitchens, fabrics should be non-flammable. For protecting computers and other equipment in offices, fabrics made purely of polyester are most appropriate. However, all fabrics should have ultraviolet inhibitors as this ensures retention of the original color for longer durations.
  4. Different Finishes
    These days, durable roller blinds are available in various finishes. These include blackout, translucent, flame retardant, which further makes them very practical. For instance, flame resistant blinds are best for kitchens while blackout blinds are ideal for bedrooms. The former provides safety and the latter provides privacy. Translucent blinds are also available and serve a dual purpose. They ensure privacy and let the light penetrate the room. These are therefore most appropriate in dining rooms and living rooms.  
  5. Custom Fit According to Room and Requirement
    Due to their versatility, durable roller blinds can be made to fit windows, skylights, patio doors, and bay windows. They fit perfectly and add more elegant look to the interior decor. They are used in residential buildings and rooms, office spaces, and other commercial and non-residential areas. Regarding residential rooms, they are suitable for kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, and even bedrooms. They are aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain. For non-residential spaces, they are used mainly because of their low maintenance. 

As these offer convenience, comfort, aesthetics, and cost-effective options, they have become very popular and widely used.​

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