Why Roof Safety Guardrail Installation Is Important?

Why Roof Safety Guardrail Installation Is Important?

Feb 23, 2018, 9:14:52 PM Business

With the advent of globalization in 90’s, industries have developed by leaps and bounds in all around the world. While assessing such sudden economic boom in the country, the researchers found that high-rise buildings, factories, warehouses, etc are very essential as base ground of production units and manufacturing factories which produce raw materials for large scale industries.  

They are equally important for promoting business, and also for the establishment of hotels and chains of restaurants. As a result, this growing demand of factories and buildings has eventually boosted up the expansion of large numbers of construction sites which are located near business houses. It has been witnessed that these construction sites are highly labor intensive. The labors play a very vital role in improving the growth and development of the construction sites.

The list of the services these workers provide is quite long. It includes jobs like, roof safety guardrails installation in residential areas or industrial locations, scaffolding, smoldering and masonry activities. The researches have also observed that these activities are majorly done at heights, or the workers need to climb huge walls or skyscrapers to finish their jobs. Hence it is quite simple to encapsulate that such activities entail relatively higher risk factors than any other jobs. It’s obvious that the authorities or the owners of such construction sites are liable to look after the fact that the labors that are rendering such services must not fall victim of death or any accident while working on their construction sites. Risks of such accidents can create havoc in their economic and social life.

Firstly, it will usually make the workers unwilling or reluctant to work in construction business.

Secondly it can spoil the image or the reputation of the company. After assessing the grounds of such perilous situations the owners of the companies have shown keen interest in modulating safety measures for the workers engaged in roof safety guardrails installation and other similar jobs.

Both the workers and the employer must have the sense of responsibility, caution and vigilance while they are doing roof safety guardrails installation. Negligence in the part to any of the party can be proved detrimental. The employer must keep certain things in his mind. Such as:

  • Firstly, the repair work should not be done in the wet season. To be precise, the monsoons and humid climates are advised to be avoided.
  • Secondly, the workers should get proper training, learning and apprenticeship before they attempt to so such high-risk jobs.
  • Skilled workers will always perform their jobs with serenity and will not repeat the mistakes that they have learnt from their past experiences. Hence the owner must engage skilled and trained workers even if he had to pay them a little more remuneration rather than paying less to the unskilled ones.
  • While initiating roof safety guardrails installation the employer must vigil the structure of the construction site. He must check whether there is any previous damage, dry rotor old weatherproofing is visible or not, if there is any damage present, he must inform it to the workers. When the workers are working in such areas that are steep and account a fair amount of height its necessary to allow them to use stable and sturdy equipment such as aerial, scaffold or lift.
  • There should be a definite sector or area of work and the work must be segmented and distributed to all the workers. It is essential to make the workers act cautiously when they are using electric equipment’s in roof safety guardrails installation. These safety measures will surely lessen the chance of labor injuries and deaths while performing overhead tasks within the factory.

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