Amazing things you didn't know about Washington DC

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Amazing things you didn't know about Washington DC

Nov 1, 2017, 3:04:39 PM Viral

The capital of U.S. is Washington DC which is neighbored by Virginia and Maryland. The city was announced to serve as the capital of the nation in the year 1791. Thus, before planning a visit, get a rough idea about some amazing things about Washington DC by the DC travel agency. These things are as follows - 

1) William Thornton, a British Doctor was the one who designed the capitol building and it was not designed by any American

2) James Hoban, the architect from Ireland was the one who designed the White House

3) The residents of D.C. were unable to vote in the elections of the president. In 1961, after the 23rd amendment the state was ratified and the residents able to vote thereafter.

4) Alligators were kept in White House by John Quincy Adams and Herbert Hoover

5) The courtroom of White House was later turned into movie theatre

6) DC travel agency can take you to the tons of museums in D.C.

7) Penjing Museum and National Bonsai are the houses of more than 200 mini trees which are meticulously pruned.

8) The Washington Monument is unexpectedly two different colours. It is also one of the destinations which are covered by a travel agency in Washington D.C.

9) The only president who was buried in the district was Woodrow Wilson.

10) The subway system of D.C. Metro is the second busiest system in entire United States and you can check out by requesting D.C. travel agency to take you there

11) The amount of wine consumed in D.C. per person is more compared to the rest of the United States

12) For every 19 residents, you can find 1 lawyer in Washington D.C.

13) Washington D.C. is not a state and nor city. It serves as an accommodation to the government, and was made special federal district.

14) This is the reason, why the people were unable to vote. As it was aiming to settle government and not people who are living there

15) The largest library in the country is the Library of Congress

16) You can find over 500 miles of Book case

17) In 1951, the Washington D.C.'s song was written by former Mouseketeer

18) Each and every president of U.S. has stayed in White House except George Washington

19) There is a personal subway line for the US capitol building

20) There were eight presidents who had never attended college. Those presidents were Cleveland, Johnson, Lincoln, Fillmore, Taylor, Buren, Van, Jackson and Washington

21) You can check out with the help of D.C. travel agency for the grotesque of Darth Vader on the National Cathedral in Washington

22) The most famous museum across the globe is The National Air and Space Museum. There are more than 9 million people visiting the museum per year

23) You will be surprised to know that most of the attractions and museum (around 100) have no entry fee and you can simply walk-in for free.

Thus, check out some more interesting facts and inside stories by hiring the travel agency from Washington D.C.

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