How to Find the Best Australian Immigration Consultants?

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How to Find the Best Australian Immigration Consultants?

There are several factors to consider while deciding to shift to another country. Whether to work/business or seek Permanent Residency (PR), it entails challenges, risks, and cultural adjustments. After all, it is a big step in your life. An informed decision, guidance, and assistance are desirable to be successful in pursuing this objective. The wrong and inappropriate action will not only make you distress financially but bring a lot of serious consequences.

You must be extra careful in choosing the right immigration firm. There are countless stories of false information, inflated fees, and people being fooled and misled on the procedures by pseudo or unscrupulous agents. As such, we have collected some points to help you find the right and genuine Australia immigration consultant so that you can fulfill your aspiration without any hassle. So, let us get started!

  1. Thorough Research about the Agency/Agent: By making the best use of the internet, you can check the official website of the company and the feedback/testimonial section. In addition to this, visit the social media pages and comments on their posts and stories to get a fair idea of how people rated them based on their performance. Besides, you can check third-party review websites and forums to get more authentic details about the company and its reputation.
  2. Check if the Agency is Registered: All immigration agencies/agents are required to be registered with the concerned authority of their country. These authorities aim to ensure that the people looking for immigration and PR visa services understand their rights, as well as agencies/agents, understand their obligations. Complaints and grievances will effectively be handled if the agency/agent you are working with is registered.
  3. Inquire about the Experience: It is advisable to check the experience of the agency in handling the PR and immigration visa for the country you are planning to move to i.e. Australia. With extensive experience in the field, they will be more skilled, knowledgeable, and acquainted with the possible issues which you may encounter. To find out the same, you can check the profiles of Australia immigration consultants of the agency.
  4. Open and Clear Communication: As someone who is having limited knowledge of Australian PR and immigration visas, it is quite obvious for you to ask multiple questions. Your immigration consultant should listen to all your queries, your plans, and provide you with the right recommendations to achieve the desired results. Visa application may take some time as its process depends on the type of visa you want to apply. So, open communication between the agent and you will play a vital role. Your agent must understand your interest and suggest the right options accordingly.
  5. Provide an Honest Assessment: If your agent is showing you daydream of your future in Australia or any other country, then it is a red flag! You might encounter agencies that are eager to sign you up for a contract. So, it is good to have someone who can provide you with an honest assessment of your profile and suggest options accordingly.


These tips will help you select the right Australia immigration consultant to realize your aspirations. However, these are just a few tips, there are ample of scenarios which you may come across during the process. Even after these tips, if you have any doubt about the agency or consultant, rely on your gut feelings and keep exploring the options until you find a partner who understands your interests and objectives and suggests the most-suited path to fulfill your immigration dreams.

Published by Justin Schumakar

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