How to Get Glowy Skin like a Celebrity in a week

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How to Get Glowy Skin like a Celebrity in a week

May 11, 2020, 7:27:31 PM Business

Overused subject lines of discussion, we never get tired off. Every girl admires and desires to possess the right skin like her favourite celebrity and scroll their page countless times to understand about their skincare routine. But my dear sweety! No star is born with perfect skin.  They adopt the dermatologist's prescription for their perfect skin and nutritionist’s diet charts for their healthy and glossy complexion.  

The answer is way easier than you think, which requires a couple of simple habits and lifestyle changes to make your skin look carpet ready. Every woman can do these as easy as pie tips to urge their dreamy skin.

1.       Always choose an exquisite Skincare routine

From Morning to evening one should follow the simplest regimen. Wash your face twice a day. Confirm products don't contain silicone, sulphate, harsh chemicals, paraben or other additives. Use Natural Ayurvedic products and in the dark always use night serums and creams because skin repairs 10 times faster in the dark. First of all, use this  AM to PM routine and follow it daily with the best-suited product to urge remarkable results. Use different products as per dusk & dawn because the skin has different needs consistent with the time.

2.       Hunt for Natural Solutions

Don’t assume that one-day application of the cream will return your glow like celebs. It is must to intake fresh fruits daily and if possible attempt to apply the pulp/juice of every fruit you gulp. Fruits are laden with the goodness of vitamins and natural minerals that flushes out the toxins from inside and confer natural glow from outside. Always adopt a healthy diet with tons of liquid concentration. Drink 8-9 glasses of water and make yourself a step closer towards burnished skin.

3.       Don’t forget to exfoliate

Simply means to clean but studies show that regular exfoliation does wonders on the celebs skin complexion. Celebrities always have heavy makeup before facing the camera and which harm their skin deeply. Exfoliation removes the older layer of the skin and makes skin ready for the products which penetrate easily and protect their skin from artificial colour palettes. Actresses often follow peeling sessions to unclog their pores and boost elasticity. So, if you furthermore may want to seem like a heroine then always remember this step and use natural products to exfoliate. You can use Papaya, Avocado or Sapodilla to exfoliate the skin naturally.  Aside from this, choose Inveda’s Avocado Scrub that effectively removes the dead skin and fills your skin with nutrition & extends the absorption rate of other nutrients. Gentle abrasion technique removes the dead skin cells also because the free radicals deposits on the skin and keeps the dermis young and hydrated.

4.       Get facials regularly

Facials are just liking skin yoga. Ayurvedic elements with right stroke, pressure, and unique massage techniques help the skin to rejuvenate & help in wear and tear. Facial is as important as yoga for health. It's important to stay skin texture young, hydrated, and plump. Facial massage will increase blood circulation & improve elasticity over time. It also helps in wrinkle, crinkles & hyperpigmentation reduction. Inveda encompasses a wide selection of Facial Kits to enhance every skin type. Chemical free products never ever let you down because it not only treats the skin issues but resulting in shiny, glowy, and crystal clear skin.

5.       Never touch your face

Do you know that on an average, people touch more than 4 times in an hour? While touching we are just relocating dirt from our hand to our face which leads to breakouts. Repeatedly touching increases the extent of bacteria & germs which clogs the pores resulting in lots of acne & blemishes.

6.       Always opt for Ayurvedic Products

Ayurveda is the earliest and basic all-rounder medical system. It improves both physical and mental states of a private. Inveda - another world of Ayurveda and most of its elements are derived from herbs, plants, flowers, and fruits, etc. Therefore, it's on the brink of medical nature. Practically there are not any side effects of Ayurvedic medicines & it's particularly effective for several chronic diseases. Ayurveda with Inveda not only cures diseases but also prevents diseases & suggests remedies keep diseases away by making simple changes in skin, food and lifestyle. Some best Ayurvedic products — 

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Have you ever heard that song,” Ekbaarjojayejawani fir naa aye” but celebs are all young in 50s right! But the question is how? It’s only because they spend thousands on collagen therapies, Botox & wrinkle treatments to seem young and healthy. But if one wants to be young and healthy just follow a natural diet and natural treatment ubtans at home. Homemade facial remedy-


Ingredients required — 1 tbsp. Fullers’ earth powder + 2 tbsp. Carrot seed oil + 1 tbsp. Oat Flour + 1 tbsp. Wine (optional & not for acne prone skin)



Step1- Mix all the above ingredients in a very clean bowl and procure a thick paste.

Step2- Apply the paste all over the face and leave it for 15-20 min.

Step3- Wash it off with normal water.

Tip- Massage it with wet hands in an upward direction before wash.

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