Top 10 wedding Photographers in Kanpur

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Top 10 wedding Photographers in Kanpur

Dec 13, 2019, 3:13:10 PM Entertainment

Renowned as the second largest city, Kanpur never fails to surprise and excite its residents and the tourists. It might not be hilly as Kashmir and Ladakh, or luscious as Kerala, but it is exquisite in its own way and the people living in it are the proof of the beauty it carries.

Weddings are one of the most jovial human celebrations and happen once in a lifetime. As this day never returns, the pictures clicked during its happening cannot be clicked ever again and thus, the photographer hired to take the pictures must be professional and active. He has the responsibilities of capturing the beautiful memories that would be visited back again in the future. If the pictures won’t be beautiful enough that it makes the viewer’s jaw drop, then there is no use of spending money in hiring the photographers.

The most professional and proficient photographers treat the work of clicking pictures as a hobby instead of a job and that is the secret which leads them in clicking the best photographs.

Here, we have mentioned the names of some well-versed photographers and photography teams that are known to bring out the awesomeness through the pictures captured:


  1. Subodh Bajpai Photography – The ones looking for best candid wedding photographers in Kanpur often land at Subodh Bajpai Photography. The king of the wedding photography domain is undoubtedly Subodh Bajpai Photography. They are making the heads turn with their ability to click the best and most memorable moments with their professional cameras. The in-house photographers cover all the areas of Kanpur and can also travel to different places outside the boundaries of the city if required. If you hire them in your wedding or in the marriage of your loved ones, you can be assured that the quality of their work done will be flawless and impressive. The photographers and videographers ensure that the client is served with the best services and results and no space of errors is made.
  2. Shammi Studio – One of brightest and well known photo studio in the Kanpur is Shammi studio. It has all the equipment that are needed for the best quality of the photography and also it consists of various photographers and videographers that helps you make the wedding moments special. The studio provides all the services that can be possibly asked from a photographer and ensures that the project is completed in an artistic and creative manner. They have different plans according to the varied budgets and they can handle almost every wedding function tirelessly.
  3. The Wedding Birds – When it comes to perfection in candid photography, no one can miss the name of The Wedding Birds. This studio is a family of varied photographers who are willing to bring the best out of the projects they handle and with their knack and skills, they are very much doing the same. The skills of the photographers are quite visible with their work and the clients they have dealt with always come back with compliments and appreciations. You can call them to know about their varied services and charges.
  4. Galaxy Studio – The whole galaxy can appear to be less attractive and professional than this Galaxy Studio, which is known as one of the most trusted wedding photographer. The services provided by this group are extremely attractive and appreciable. The candid photographs clicked by their photographers are true example of perfection and art. The team will properly listen to all your requirements and fulfill them with the most happening services and results. Kanpur is already a fan of their work, reach them to know more.
  5. Bhatia Digital Movies – One of the most flabbergasting photography and videography experience is offered by the Bhatia Digital Movies. They have many years of experience because of which they bring out perfection and beauty inside the frames. One of the most special qualities their team possess is the willingness to be unique and awesome. They come with new ideas and techniques to take the pictures which ultimately prove beneficial for the team. The ability of the photographers is always praised and all the equipment and cameras are of professional qualities, that makes the work smoother and better.
  6. Anamika Movies Photography – If you wish to see what beauty looks like when captured in the photographs, then you must see the projects delivered by Anamika Movies Photography. It is one of the avant-garde and trusted photography service providers. Their collections of pictures are a proof that perfection can be achieved if the persons are willing to. The photography level of the studio is at the pinnacle of creativity and uniqueness. Get more details about the work procedure by contacting them.
  7. Ashwani Bhatia Movies – Ashwani Bhatia is versatile, professional, active and very creative photographer. The pictures shot by them makes the jaw drop and heads turn. It is not easy to compete with them when it comes to the domain of wedding photography. This studio is known for the perfection and clarity of the pictures and also for the ability of the photographer to click the shutter at the right time and hence, taking the best pictures possible.
  8. Ansh Photos – One of the most peculiar and appreciated photography team is that of Ansh Photos. Kanpur’s various weddings have been accompanied by the services of this team and they have proven to be the best. Whether its romance or the tears, the cameras of the team are able to capture every emotion amazingly. The pictures presented by the team are mesmerizing and many times it becomes tough to take eyes off the pictures clicked. The editing is done with creativity and uniqueness and it helps in bringing the best features of the pictures in the front.
  9. Vishal Movies – One of the most appreciated arts is photography and various artists of the same domain are hired under the Vishal Movies. They all have a knack in clicking various pictures from the different angles to see from which side the subject looks best. Once you hire the team of Vishal Movies, there is no chance that you will be disappointed with the services they provide. Many weddings in Kanpur have been captured in the cameras of the photographers of the team and the clients have been very impressed with the results served.
  10. Dynamic Creator Films – Ask for exemplariness in the field of photography in Kanpur and you will be advised to reach Dynamic Creator Films. The team has made the best efforts to provide the clients with the most appreciative and beautiful results and they are very much successful in it. Multiple clients have reviewed the services and results of the team to be as exemplary and out of the box.

    Kanpur has its own gems in different domains but when it comes to photography, the above-mentioned ones steal the show. All of those are highly appreciated in the market and raising the bar of photography since their formation. Depending on the budgets and the past record, you can choose any one of the team to click the most expressive pictures in the upcoming wedding.


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