Importance of character design in animation

Importance of character design in animation

Our life is filled with n numbers of characters including our parents, friends, siblings, teachers, or enemies. Moreover, it is a common psychology of attaching certain traits and personality to certain characters.

Like, we generally attach the emotion of care with Mother, fun with friends, hatred with enemies so on and so forth. Moreover, the world of Animation is not so different.

In Animation, Character Design is the formation of an individual animated character from scratch- its personality to physical traits. You must have heard the phrase-” a picture’s worth a thousand words”, the same is true in animated character design. One must be able to take one look at a character and get a sense of its personality and traits. It gives users something to latch on to.

Animation without the proper character design is like a body without a heart-A boring Robot. Characters in the animation communicate with the audience through their color, expressions, and tone of speech. Designing a good character is an important pre-production work in the animation process.

You name it- Games, comics, toys, commercials, films, and companies; they all need a character design.

Importance of Character design in Animation:


Character design helps in grabbing the attention of the audience

The major purpose of any animation is to grab the attention of its visitors and finally indulge them in some purposeful Call-to-action (CTA) and the attractive design of characters plays a major role in this. Characters are more than just a visual display of an individual; it acts as a way to grab the attention and builds a connection with the audience.

Character design makes the project unique and interesting to watch.

The world is a highly competitive place, so one needs to be unique and interesting to stand out in the market and be remembered by the audience.

The usage of a combination of colors, shapes, features in design helps in giving the character an attention-grabbing quality, unique sense of style, and keeps people excited in animation.

Character design helps in depicting the overall feel and message of the animation

A great character design depicts the story, personality, game mechanics, or franchise. It acts as a vessel for feelings and personalities. They act as a connecting tissue that lets viewers feel the emotion of the story or game through them.

Like in action Games, features of animated characters are designed that makes them look strengthful and powerful.

Character design ensures better success or sales for a business

You must be wondering how character design ensures the success of the business. But wait for a second and think of the business that is successful in your eyes. Like Apple, which image pops in your head! YES, it is their LOGO.

A logo is the face of the company that depicts products, mentality, reputation, advertising, and goals of the company.

Now take an example of animated films, mostly they are sold because of the unique character design that tells them the story in an interesting manner.

We all know, character design is extremely important in the success of the game industry. They keep the game exciting and add a touch of reality in the mind of users like Super Smash Brothers, League of Legends, Rivals of ether, and many more.


Character design is more than just designing the character- it includes a hell of a lot of creativity, research, and execution. One needs to take the company goals and end-users mentality in mind while designing the character.

Character design is one such skill that is necessary for all the creative fields around- films, comics, toys, music, television, and companies. Character design will play a major role in the success of the campaign. Therefore, from now on when you see an animated character around, you can feel a whole lot of process behind its design and its importance in overall company success. Moreover, if you want to know more and learn about character design in details, KshitijVivan is the best institute for graphic design and multimedia courses.

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