How Customer Education is Changing Success for Product-led Companies

How Customer Education is Changing Success for Product-led Companies

Sep 9, 2020, 5:13:06 AM Business

Having a concern after purchasing a product and getting it resolved gives any customer a big high. It makes them trust the product, the company, and most importantly the customer success professionals involved.  

Keeping your customers as central focus is important for any organisation. It not only helps you grow, but also creates a wonderful relationship that can lead to customer retention and prevent customer churn. Companies are now realising that the game is not over with the sale, in fact that is where the war begins.  

According to a Customer Success Report, product adoption is the number one challenge. That can be conquered if you have the right customer education strategy.  

Companies must make sure customers derive value from their offerings as promised to ensure mutual success and growth. To ensure that value is derived, it is vital to make sure you are educating your customers well-enough about the company, product, usage, features, niche expertise, unique aspects, technical information, and more.   

Customers need to know about the specific niche to understand and derive the best possible user adoption techniques. When customers are aware enough about the service or product, chances of retention increase, they make better decisions and are better able to make use of the product in a wholesome manner.  

What is the point of taking an SEO tool subscription, when you are unaware of the basics of marketing? 


Customer Education involves three main components for product-led companies:  

  • Product knowledge  
  • Competency  
  • Query handling  


Coming back to the SEO tool example, the customer needs to be educated on the product knowledge- features that set it apart, how to check scores, what do different icons signify, etc through able customer success teams.  

The customer also needs to develop the competency to use the product without any support and once any queries arise, the customer can contact customer success teams who will handle concerns.  


How Customer Education Can Impact Product companies: 3 Important Ways 

All B2B SaaS businesses, like Hubspot, SmartKarrot, or even Slack, base themselves on two things in common: transparency and competency.  

When a product is created, as the creator you know its immense benefits and features. Making sure your customer understands product worth and uses all the objectives possible is important.  

  1. Better Customer Onboarding  

Customer onboarding which is critical for customer success will be a highly effective process when your customer education is on point. Satisfactory training and educational activities can establish a strong value which will work in the long term. And great onboarding leads to increased product usage and reduced churn.  

  1. Improved Customer Engagement  

The right resources mean more engagement. Think of it like binge-watching on Netflix, more time, more engagement. Creating a customer education program will help customers stay aware of latest product updates, features, and capabilities.  

  1. Reduced Support Tickets  

Isn’t your customer success or customer support team being asked the same questions? We know why. If customers receive an active customer education program, the burden reduces. You can address issues via quality content, videos, reading material, and use a chatbot, if needed. Human effort reduces to a great extent and one can see fewer tickets.  


Final Take 

Strategically creating a customer education program can help product companies reduce risks of churn, improve customer retention, and increase customer satisfaction. While there is a lot of information available online, you should be at the forefront in providing information to your customers to enable effective long-term engagement.   

Creating a comprehensive customer education program if you are a product company can be your biggest investment, not only in terms of product adoption but also, customer satisfaction.  

Author Bio 

Niyathi Rao is a content crafter for SaaS Tech products. Previously worked for OpenText and Univariety, now handles content at SmartKarrot Inc., a customer success data platform. She loves podcasts, music, and a bibliophile. When she isn’t doing any of these, she goes on Netflix to chill or try new things. 

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