Tips & Tricks to Spike Your Conversion Rates on Amazon

Tips & Tricks to Spike Your Conversion Rates on Amazon

Feb 25, 2020, 4:17:17 PM Business

(This article is written by Aashirvaad Kumar, a digital marketer, and SEO Consultant) 

When people come to your shop, check all the items and just pass by, IT HURTS! Similarly in the online market, it hurts and costs, especially when it is on Amazon. As it becomes even worse when you are bidding on potential keywords and are getting the clicks, but NOT THE CONVERSIONS. This is no less than the worst nightmare for an Amazon seller.

What is Conversion?

It is a simple calculation of the number of sales incurred in comparison to the page views for a particular product. This factor matters most to the Amazon A9 Algorithm. According to an Amazon expert; “The two most important metrics for affecting the Amazon A9 Algorithm are sales velocity and conversion rate, in our experience.”

In this dynamic eCommerce market, engaging customers is crucial to pursue them to purchase whatever you have to offer. Here we will discuss some great techniques to increase Amazon Conversion Rates that will eventually help in PPC (Pay Per Click) Management.

Amazon Listing optimization

Amazon Listing optimization is the very first step to convert traffic into sales. It is important because your listing is what any person will see once they click your product. A well constructed, attractive, and keyword-optimized product title will make the potential customers think before leaving the page.

You may name your product title in any manner but it is highly recommended to apply this technique of brand name following the product’s model number, then model name, with the product type and its color. This would help catch the eye of visitors as well as affect the A9 Algorithm. It is advised to use keywords to describe your product details rather than using generic terms.


Photography is not just a method to show product images to your online customers but instead, it is a perception of your product. As we all know that on this platform buyers cannot physically examine the products instead they have to rely on the graphical illusion you create for them. In fact, that is exactly what you need to master. An illusion that gives your product a new identity and a way to express how your product feels like. At Amazon, you can do that differently with the number of options you have.

Here you can upload along with the main image an infographic image, that will illustrate what benefits your product has by pointing out the specific details from the photo. In addition, you can use a lifestyle image where you can show the uses of your product, and no words would be required for the image will speak for itself. Thus, a customer is there on your listing and is actually talking to you, then other than a miracle, he/she will definitely convert sales.

Amazon algorithm makes sure that consumers find the right product in lesser time and to help sellers achieve it Amazon builds a Parent-Child Relationship. Now there are many sellers who are not aware of this feature that results in creating multiple listings for the same product because it varies in size or color. Making it complex for the buyer to understand your product and increasing bounce rate even if they like the features.

 However, by using variations you can assign different colors and sizes to the main product also with separate images to show the difference. Eventually, due to the wide variety of choices customers have on one page, it increases the chances of a higher conversion rate.

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

The Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) feature of Amazon, popularly known as A+ Content, is just like a diamond in a coal mine. Now, why would anyone refer to one’s listing as a coal mine? It is because if only words are used from title to the end of your listing then people will definitely get bored unless there is an excitement that they might find something attractive, like a diamond. However, there are limitations to get hold of this precious stone.

EBC is only accessible to sellers whose brands are registered on Amazon Brand Registry. For this, you must have a brand registered in the country you are legal to and make sure that the brand name is not already registered. However, skipping the part and bingo you have your brand registered, now what can you do? Well, EBC is a powerful tool to give your listings a completely new look. It builds the level of confidence among your customers with this graphically enhanced content. You are now able to present a lot of visual information instead of the standard text description.

The online market consumers are usually busy and cannot go through all the details you have written out for them but will definitely pursue your listing when they find content so much pictorial and informative at the same time. The more the time they spend on your listing the more possibility is that they purchase it.


Keywords are literally the key to your conversion as they help your product visible to the buyers. As much as they see it, they are more likely to get their hands on it. After all the efforts you made to your product so that it is graphically and descriptively strengthened but failed to use targeted keywords, no one will know what you are selling.

Have you ever noticed in a shopping mall everyone is willing to purchase from the front door outlets rather than the ones from 1st and 2nd floors? It is quite similar to the online marketplace, especially on Amazon. If your product is on lower pages then conversion is almost impossible.

However, using relevant keywords is the best way to get the most out of your Amazon ranking. What are the targeted keywords? You may find keywords with a large search volume that are though relevant to your product but have too much competition like bags. However, if you are selling a bag then it is a good keyword for you but to improve ranking with this keyword will require a lot of effort.

Even if it brings you on top there is a possibility of people viewing your product but not converting as they are looking for specific bag styles. In fact, it is better if you use specific or targeted keywords and plan accordingly, for example, if you sell leather bags then that is the most converting keyword for you.


Now that you know why positive conversion rates are substantially crucial and how can you achieve them, it is no good if you do not implement them. As an influential writer of all time, Stephen Covey stated in his famous book ‘7 habits of highly effective people’ is that ‘To learn and not to do is really not to learn. To know and not to do is really not to know.

(This article is written by Aashirvaad Kumar, a digital marketer, and SEO Consultant) 

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