Where is this hate taking us? From Dhaka to Dallas…

Where is this hate taking us? From Dhaka to Dallas…


It was a beautiful morning. Nice weather. A nice morning ride. One hot cup of tea…. And then I connected with the real world. Horrific… too horrific news. It was running on every news channel. 5 policeman shot dead in an ambush attack during a peaceful #BlackLivesMatter protest. Person who did this killing was not a terrorist. He was a 25-year old young man. He wanted to kill white people. White people who are police officers. Just 2 days back and since last many years, we were seeing the videos and news of police officers killing black people/kids, in their shuffles and interactions.

In Dhaka, some young educated people with gun, were telling their hostages to recite verses from Quran. Those who didn't obliged; they were murdered.

We are killing people because they have a skin color different than us; or they follow Jesus, Raam, or none; but not our specially anointed God.

Who is killing whom? It is no longer clear to me. Are Muslims killing us? or, white police officers are killing us? or, black people are killing us? I don’t seem to understand here… who is killing whom?

A killer is a killer. Whom this killer have killed – he was a son, he was a brother, a father, a lover, a friend, a human. He had an identity. The person you have killed just now, based on his skin color, or the religion he follows; that person was a human. He had so many other identities than just being black, or white; or Hindu, or Christian, or Muslim. He was a living human, taking breath, air filling his lungs every second. A person. A person with life, with future, with family, with hope. You have not killed his skin color, or his religion. You have just killed his family. His mother. His sister. His daughter. His wife. His friends. His family. You have killed everyone who have loved that person. You are a killer. Not less than that and not more.

You are just a Killer.

No, you will not go to heaven. No hundreds of ‘hoors’ for you. No, you have done nothing to save black lives. No, you are not keeping your community safe by killing a 15-year old black boy.

What you have done is, you have planted seeds of Hate in this community. You are growing Hate. What you sow you will reap. You will get hate only. You are a Trump. You are a Zakir Naik. You are a hater. You will get hate only. And no, you are not helping your specific community. You are pushing them into hatred.

Where is this hate taking you? Don’t go to a point of no return. Spread Love. Not Hate.

Why can’t you look beyond color of my skin, or my sexual preference, my religion,  or my country of origin? Why would you kill me for a part of my identity? I am much more than that. Much more than anything worth killing for.


Published by Jyoti Singh

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