Is My Anxiety An Excuse?

Is My Anxiety An Excuse?

Just recently I have been confronted by someone who thinks I use my anxiety as an excuse. I wish I could be angry at them. I wish I could tell them to never say that to someone with anxiety and depression or any mental illness. But, I am so lost. So lost I don't know if I am using my anxiety as an excuse anymore.

Is my anxiety something I made up?

Do I feel the attacks when I am forced into a crowded situation?

I do not remember how I feel at all. My memory has a life span of a moth (if that life span is short--- who knows?). What I mean is that my memories of a day are all there and then I touch the zapping light the next morning and they are gone.

If I just toughed it out would I even be effected?

Is my anxiety just a game I am playing with myself?

The answer for everyone is no. It can be extremely hard to understand yourself, and when others continuously push you down it becomes even harder. For those who have never experienced major anxiety it can be hard for them to empathize with what is going on. Your anxiety and my anxiety are not excuses. People do not choose to have panic attacks. Sometimes I won't push myself to do something new because of my anxiety, but that is not something to be frowned upon. Focus on yourself and your mental health first before you consider doing anything that might harm you. Believe it or not, you are the most important person in your life, and anxiety is just a small part of it. 

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