Introducing Me

Introducing Me

Oct 12, 2016, 10:15:36 AM Creative

Hi, I'm Khadijah.


This is my very first post on here *pretty nervous* and I want to do a quick introduction, not on myself (you can check out my bio) but on my posts.


I actually already mentioned this in my bio, I write on an app called Wattpad and you can find me here: If you love books, that site is a really awesome one for that. 


With that said, I'd like to highlight things you should expect to see on my blog:

~Synopses of my stories that you can find on Wattpad

~ Full posts of my one shots (short story of one chapter)

~ Prologues of some of my works; published and unpublished. You guys get an exclusive glimpse 😉

~ News/updates because I can't help but rant at times.


I really do hope y'all would check out my posts and give as much support as you can. It would mean a whole lot. Wishing you a blissful day ahead!

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