Gun Control Reform-Why We Need It.

Gun Control Reform-Why We Need It.

Jun 24, 2016, 1:46:05 PM News

One hundred and thirty three.

That is how many mass shootings has occurred in the U.S. this year.

I have a question for you - how can you look at that number and think that the gun control laws in America are alright?

That number represents human life. Lives similar to yours and mine. Someone's mother, child, brother, sister, friend. A person with a deadly weapon took that life away.

Now I understand that that majority of guns used in shootings were stolen from a family member or a friend. But think about this: what if that family member or friend was never allowed to buy a gun?

Guns alone are not violent, how could they be? They are inanimate objects. But people are violent. And guns enable these violent people to commit horrific acts. It is much easier for a single person or group of people to defend themselves against a knife or a baseball bat than it is a gun.

In my own perfect world, only military and police officers should be allowed guns. But I am also realistic enough to know that this isn't possible. There are too many people out that who support the NRA and second amendment to ban all guns. But we need to make the laws stricter.

An ordinary citizen should not be allowed to go out an buy an assault rifle. Anyone who is currently or previously questioned by the FBI for violent acts or conspiring to do acts should not be allowed to buy guns.

In allowing these people to obtain weapons, then government is essentially turning their backs on the victims of these shootings.

We have to put our foot down at some point. How many innocent lives are going to be taken behind a bullet before we reform these antiquated laws from the days where women couldn't vote, slavery was legal, and the U.S. was a different place. It is time to take a stand.

As an ordinary citizen, it seems like we can't do much. But if we all stand together, we can make a change. Every movement in history started with one person. One thing you can do is email your congressman. Here is a link where you find your state and contact your representative to voice your concerns.

I hope you all take a step to start the reform. Thank you for reading.

Published by Kaila O'Niell

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