What are Sigils?

What are Sigils?

Jul 25, 2016, 4:00:00 AM Religion

Sigils are what essentially are powerful squiggles that can be used in magic to effect the flow of energy or change the way magic flows in a certain place. You can use sigils for anything from dysphoria to love to spellcasting.

Sigils can be made in various ways and by many different practicing witches. Some witches focus mostly on sigils (ex, some paper witches). Sigils can be burned to increase their power but not all!

They can be neutralized by being soaked in iron water or denouncing their power, though you do need a physical piece of paper. Burned sigils will naturally dissipate after a while. If you are new to the practice, I wouldn't recommend making your own sigils, as the magic used can be finicky.

Some resources for finding and making sigils:




Do any of you have any favorite sigils? Talk about them in the comments below!
Good luck and happy crafting!

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