What is a Witch?

Those who are very new to the craft may not even know what a witch is, and that's quite alright, we all have to start from somewhere! Merriam Webster defines a witch as:

"1. a woman who is thought to have magic powers

2. a person who practices magic as part of a religion (such as Wicca)"

While these are true, they don't encompass the entirety of the word. A witch is a person who does practice magic, but Wicca isn't the only option, and they definitely don't have to be a woman! A witch isn't an old hag or a devil worshipper (although some may be, but not all). There are so many different paths and practices that one can follow and so many different ways to practice that defining a witch as just one thing in particular would exclude others. For example, claiming that witches practice only one religion would exclude chaotes, who change their religions frequently, or the witches who practice several religions, like jewish witches, or christian witches.

Witches do practice the craft, ritual spell casting, but there are many many paths within the craft that it can get confusing to new witches! Traditional witchcraft is the largest section and the most well defined. It's the oldest and has been popularized by Wicca, or post-modern witchcraft. The two are very similar, but different in the way that they treat spells and conduct spells. Covens, or groups of witches, originated in traditional witchcraft and remain a part of life for many witches today, but not all witches cast with a coven. Witchcraft is not for everyone, if you do not feel comfortable with casting spells or practicing magic, then you may want to rethink becoming a witch. Remember, do not cast dangerous or complicated spells if you're new to the practice. Good luck and happy crafting!

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