10 Fascinating Facts About 10th House In A Horoscope (Kundali)

10 Fascinating Facts About 10th House In A Horoscope (Kundali)

Jul 13, 2021, 11:34:54 AM Religion

With much advancement in today’s world, education has also transformed a lot and expanded its foyer in many streams. Now, students can opt to choose from a plethora of education choices for their graduation and post graduation. However, settling in a decent and satisfying job after education is the question that pops in every graduate’s mind, once the valuable picture in the graduation gown is taken. While some may be able to find their dream jobs with less or no efforts at all, some may find it difficult to find a suitable job that matches their qualifications.

There are several factors that could account for the delay in getting jobs or failures in your job hunt such as job attrition, heavy competition, recession, and so on. Many people turn to career astrology to understand the astrological reason behind their career setback. They also have their horoscopes analyzed by career astrologers and get career predictions by date of birth to settle in the jobs they have dreamt for their whole lives. 

In Vedic Astrology, the positions of planets in the different Houses of a birth chart are studies to decode your career path. The 10th House in a horoscope is called Karma Sthana, meaning the House of action and career. The planets positioned in the 10th House of a person’s birth chart can have a great impact on his or her professional curve.

Here are 10 fascinating facts about the 10th House you need to know:

1.      House of Action

The 10th House is the House of action and profession and is called the Karma Sthana (Karma means action). This is considered the most powerful Kendra House as it reveals about the Karma of an individual. A person’s Karma can make a person feel settled and happy in life. 10th House is also a Upachaya House which denotes growth, progress, increment, promotion, etc.

2.      Career

10th House is the career House, which tells which kind of profession is best suited, based on your birth chart and how successful you would be in the job. It also devices your career ambitions, relationship with colleagues, career progress, etc. When the planets are strongly places in the 10th House, then one can expect a bright and successful career future. However, if they are weak, then there are chances for hindrances in your career life.

3.      Social Status

The 10th House explains about the reputation, social status, fame, how helpful your advice would be to others, social cause, etc. If the planet of Karma, Saturn is strongly placed in the 10th House, then the person would achieve high social status and lead a good and respected life. The 10th House also indicates a person’s ability to make valuable contributions to the world, adding to your fame and social image.

4.      Judges 

10th House denotes the judges, judgment, and the substances taken away by the thieves.

5.      Vocation

10th House of Karma helps to have an idea about the profession and its future of an individual. This also says whether can be a hard worker, determined and resolute or would be lazy and uninterested in career.

6.      Joints

10th House of action also represents the knee and the joints of the human body.

7.      Father 

The 10th House signifies a person’s inheritance from his or her family. This House also indicates the longevity of the father and the father-son relationship. Hence, if this House is weak, there could be difference of opinion with the father or could also signify bad health of the father.

8.      Economy 

10th House is a very important angular House and in combination with the 9th House of fortune, it forms the biggest Raja Yoga, which could make the individual successful. It is also known as the ‘Artha’ House, which indicates economy. Therefore, financial prosperity and material strength would also fall under the 10th House.

9.      Government 

The 10th House refers to the main leader like the Prime Minister or the King and also the administrative party. This House also governs the integrity, values, position and honor of the nation. If the planet of power, Sun is placed strong in this House, it could indicate a job in the Government.

10.  Pilgrimage 

10th House also tells one about his or her pilgrimage to holy places. There are chances for a person who has Pisces zodiac sign in the 10th House, and planets Mars, Jupiter, and Venus in the 10th House to leave their earthly body in a place of pilgrimage and attain salvation.

If you have questions about your career, you can consult career astrologers online and learn about the 10th House in your birth chart for a successful professional life. Read more

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