What is the average return of ASX 200?

What is the average return of ASX 200?

Sep 8, 2021, 9:18:39 AM News

The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) is among the leading ten stock exchanges, in terms of market capitalisation, across the world. The stock exchange was established in 2006 by the merger of the Australian Stock Exchange and the Sydney Futures Exchange.

The ASX 200 constitutes 200 largest companies listed on the ASX. The index, which is considered the benchmark for the Australian equity performance, is composed of 200 large ASX stocks. The ASX 200 is maintained by Standard & Poor’s and is rejigged quarterly. The companies listed on ASX 200 represent sectors such as materials, resources, financials, real estate, banking, etc. These companies together add up to over 80% of the Australian share market’s m-cap.

ASX 200’s historical returns (2010 to 2020)

Between 2010 and 2020, the benchmark index delivered five negative returns: 2010 (-2.57%), 2011 (-14.51%), 2015 (-2.13%), 2018 (-6.90%) and 2020 (-1.45%).

In three out of 10 years, the annual return was more than 10%: 2012 (14.60%), 2013 (15.13%) and 2019 (18.38%).

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