Open Letter to Ayesha Curry’s Cooking-Career Critic

Open Letter to Ayesha Curry’s Cooking-Career Critic

May 17, 2016, 6:16:27 PM Entertainment

I was riding shotgun with my husband this morning-- on our way to handle some business. I hop on Facebook and instantly see a link to a blog about an interaction Ayesha Curry had with you-- an Instagram follower. Apparently, Mrs. Curry has cooking-career ambitions. Which I think is amazing! But-- you strongly disagreed. We are all allowed to have an opinion but your comments were so ignorant, racist, and consequently idiotic, that I felt the need to address it in detail. Though Mrs. Curry did reply, I’m sure she didn't have time to do so, at length; she's busy with her fabulous life. But exposing foolishness-- through written word--is my life, so let's go.




1.You said Ayesha Curry was teaching women to be better wives/cooks (which is supposed to be negative).

Let’s say that was the goal, instead of the pursuit of the lucrative career, which cooking has been to many. Those of us who are wives OR home cooks have read a number of books, magazines, and blogs on how to be better. Those who aren't huge readers, have definitely asked a mom, grandma, aunt, or sister for a recipe, a tip of some sort, or general information. So, why would the teaching of wife/cooking skills be offensive?? Secondly, let’s state the obvious, being a good cook and being a good wife are not synonymous with one another. There are an absurd amount of single men and women who absolutely love cooking! Teaching others to cook or cook in new ways, actually has nothing to do with being a wife. You combined the two simply because she is a wife.


2. You accused Ayesha Curry of profiting from her husband’s success.

Question: how does starting a cooking  business tie into Mr. Curry’s basketball  success? Is she selling jerseys-- becoming an overnight sports commentator-- or starring on the next season of Basketball wives?? So, because her husband’s  status has made her a household name, she should never do anything-- from fear of accusation, she didn't do it on her own? That’s ridiculous.


3. You asked if this is the most Ayesha Curry can do with her fame??

OK, in the previous sentence you said she should not “profit” from her husband’s success-- meaning she shouldn't benefit from his popularity. But now you admit her fame is/was inevitable, but she should use it for causes that YOU see fit. Well, I think you should use your Instagram to build other women up instead of tear them down with your jealousy and perverted version of feminism. But hey...we can't tell others what to do with their platforms.


4. You said she should encourage ethnic women to pursue higher education or degrees.

Listen: degrees are not the mark of black excellence. And I say this as a grad student. The debt is depressing and the income to justify such debt is often non existent. Not to mention the fact that you don't need a degree for every career path. We actually marginalize women when we tell them there is only one path to success. Secondly, even if a degree track was the best track-- Ayesha Curry is not required to parent every little girl in the world, she has two of her own. I'm so tired of parenting responsibilities of a nation being pushed onto celebrities’ shoulders, and in this case-- the spouse of a celebrity.


5. You said she should teach girls to build empires independently of the man they have married.

First off, you clearly aren't married. Of course she’s building her empire in conjunction with her husband. What queen in history built an empire (while married) and totally excluded her husband? That's called divorce. Even Jay-Z and Beyonce have a joint empire. So what are you talking about?? Second, the time for the type of independence you're calling for, was prior to marriage. Ayesha and Steph didn't get married at 40. They aren't even in their 30’s. So what empire was she supposed to build prior to her marriage (at the age of 23). And why wouldn't she co-build an empire with her king right now?? She’s definitely inspiring women of all ages to become entrepreneurs… by becoming an entrepreneur. But you want to hate on her so bad, your arguments don't even make sense.


6.  You said, “Women around the world should aspire to be more than just great mothers/cooks”.

This is where it gets racist. So, when a black woman pursues cooking-career success-- she is nothing but a professional wife/mom; but Bobby Flay, Rachael Ray, Martha Stewart, Emeril, and the other millionaires, that line of work has produced are exceptional! So, cooking is a noble profession for Caucasians, but when black women do it, we’re Aunt Jemima-like, unambitious, unmotivated, small minded individuals who are setting back the women's movement? Huh??


7. You said her marketing and partnerships should inspire women to be doctors, lawyers, professors, public leaders, ect.

Are those the only professions you know about?? In 2016, are those career goals still the only staple of success? Can the world function with all doctors, lawyers, public leaders, and people with cliche’ glamorous jobs?? This is the argument of a short-sighted, uninformed, child.


You’re clearly a know-it-all little girl, with a big mouth, limited experience, stereotypical views, chip already on your shoulder, still “finding yourself”, surface- level thinker. You would do well to keep uneducated and unreasonable criticism to yourself-- that's the first step toward maturity.


Kind Regards,

Kamesha Gordon

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