Trusting God with Your Career Hunt: Part 2-- Are You Listening?

Trusting God with Your Career Hunt: Part 2-- Are You Listening?

Feb 29, 2016, 11:47:12 PM Religion

Written: 02/29/2016

In the not too distant past I was fervently in pursuit of a full time staff writing position. I interviewed for various positions attached to the title writer:

Proposal Writer

Content Writer (insurance writing, hotel description writing, How-To writing)

Copywriter (chemical manufacturing/technical)

When these interviews didn’t yield favorable results-- I became down trotted, frustrated, and annoyed. In hindsight, I am so grateful that I didn’t get trapped in an unfulfilling position-- far away from my home and my children-- in the name of an official title as “writer”.


My career objective is simple and two pronged.

  1. To motivate, educate, and inspire others through my personal narratives

  2. To aid, support, and promote good causes via romanticized story craft


I could care less about proposals, insurance, or product descriptions. But, I reconciled this type of job hunt by believing the title writer would operate as an ace in the hole for future career endeavors. Additionally, I had resolved to continue blogging and accepting freelance clients in the evening-- despite working 40 hours per week and spending an additional 15 hours commuting (all opportunity locations were over an hour away), WHILE having a husband and three children who require my time.


Was I naive?

Just a taste ;-)


Sidebar: As a traditional woman, I should have known, anything that would cause me to only see my children for a couple hours per day was not conducive to the quality of upbringing I insist they have.  


But alas, I needn't worry about the tightly packed schedule above-- it never came into existence. Praise The Lord of Host! I believe my Heavenly Father wanted to give me time to do what I was meant to do, so I would know what to pursue. I was recently asked to write a piece to solicit donations for an amazing cause! I have an interview to become the writer for an organization (100% volunteer supported) I greatly admire and have worked with in the past (for a single campaign). Both non for profit organizations empower women in difficult situations. I also applied for a local position in the field of education-- the responsibilities are a nice blend of my experience and my strong suits-- such as my tutoring background and interpersonal communication skills. Though this job isn’t a writing opportunity, it is an empowering opportunity which will come equipped with an arsenal of writing worthy encounters. Everything I am currently doing-- or trying to do-- works harmoniously together  toiling the earth and planting the seeds of my vision.


And then there’s the simple truth, that writers’ careers--like so many other artist-- are built on the power of their portfolios; and mines is ever strengthening:-) The title writer on my resume-- in a totally unrelated field-- would not result in my rising to the top of any candidate pool. Which leads me to another fact-- I cannot and will not be dependent on successfully competing in any hiring process-- in order to walk in my purpose. I must walk in it now. Whether the phone rings or not.


As I discussed in my post “Trusting God with Your Career Hunt?”, I can’t operate in job idolatry. I must be confident The Lord will open the correct doors and slam the unfit doors. At the time I wrote the post I was frustrated (but making a gargantuan attempt to sound positive). I wanted God to tell me which jobs I shouldn’t pursue, so I could stop wasting my time and resources. But then I realized, HE already had. When HE told me who I was, HE told me everything I needed to know. When HE told me my writing would change lives, HE told me what jobs to pursue and which to scroll past. When HE told me through HIS word that my relationship with HIM, my husband, and my children were to take priority even over my writing-- HE told me which jobs were not sustainable. When HE gave me a heart toward broken women and the youth, HE told me which causes needed my attention. When I loathed freelance jobs for clients without a cause-- HE told me what I needed to know (though I continue to accept a variety of different clients, I just know where my focus should lie). The truth is, HE often gives us more info than we care to acknowledge. We don’t notice in a sizeable way because we have our own agendas, often times monetary. If I’m honest--I can admit-- for purely financial reasons I attempted to pry open sealed doors.


Many would say, “What’s wrong with that? Your family needs things. Your children need college funds. You and your husband need a real emergency fund, a home of your own, and annual getaways”. Well, to that I say, the call on everyone’s life is different. HE’ll allow some of us to procure positions- whether temporary or long term-- for the worthy cause of bringing home the bacon (my husband isn’t presently walking in his calling and there were seasons when I wasn’t). But the time often comes, when every unauthorized venture bites the dust!

I have been in this place for years-- and I just got it!


And similar to so many other lessons we learn while walking with God, it comes down to a heart issue. Do we believe God? Do we believe HIS word? Do we believe the words which trusted men and women of God have spoken into our lives? Do we believe HE endows us with unique giftings and skills? Do we believe that when we say, “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done…” that it is so?? Do we believe HE has planned good works beforehand, for us to walk in?? Do we believe HE knows what we need and won’t forsake our current living requirements while we wait on HIS timing?  


If you’re pursuing anything prayerfully with zeal and consistency but seeing no results, take a step back and listen to what HE’s saying; it could be a career, a relationship, a business partnership, an event or trip, or something else. If the intended outcome continues to evade you-- you may be missing HIS voice-- just consider it. If you believe in HIM and on HIM-- make sure you’re listening to HIM.  



Published by Kamesha Hayes

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